Guys, the issue with logging for some accounts was fixed and fix was deployed.


Success. Finally able to log in, thanks. Will explore.

My LastPass is just brimming now with various URLs and login credentials for the ever-expanding ezlo universe of apps and web-based products!! This forum, the JIRA system, EZlogic, the mios app, dashboard, ezlo/vera Mobile app, Vera controller UI, old MCV forum, mantis tracker and wiki, with extras for each active user, etc. :smiley:

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I have tried several times to connect to the provided URL “MiOS Smart Home” and cannot seem to be able to pass the login screen. I am using Safari. Once I entered my Vera username and password, at the top, in the center, it says “Loading…” Right in the middle, a bunch of dots are spinning, and spinning. Am I doing something wrong?

Web UI shows my Ezlo Plus as offline, even though I can communicate with it via the API Tool

Now it’s back online

Thank you for the feedback.

Please keep in mind that during the beta stage, the page may not work as expected all the time. :slight_smile:

Virtual Device Manager (pre alpha) is also now enabled in the Web UI.

Is this this offline?

I can not connect to webgui via the ezlogic.mios link

It should be online.
Please, try to clear the cache from your web browser and try again.

Thank you -that worked

Why is my GUI so different???

Mine is all white…no purp sections…also diff logo “mios”…no home…but dashboard.

Also…purp interface seems to have more options.

Hello @otolosa,
The WebUI changed a few weeks ago with a big update that took place. Since then, it looks as you see it right now. The version with purple sections is no longer available. Please keep in mind the WebUI is in a constant improvement process so we will continue seeing changes in it.

its in the middle of “A LOT” of changes…(A LOT!)

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Thanks for working on the Web UI. I’m really looking forward to it. Is there a target date for its official launch?


every two weeks we will be making updates…
it will stay in Beta until all the wrinkles ironed out. Only then will it be “officially launched”.


we just updated the “Date and Time” functionality in the “Trigger” section.

There will be another update on “Tuesday” (fingers crossed) where more functionality will be released.
We will continue to regularly bring all the capabilities we have been building to WebUI.

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Will this update be available today?

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Would be nice to put a link to this new web UI on the home.getvera.com page for those of us who took you up on converting from Vera units. Took me a while to find this page. Thanks.

Noted, and created a ticket for you. You will be notified when it gets updated. Ticket number is ECS-1095. Reach me if you cannot access your ticket.

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