Ezlo Sunrise Sunset Dependency On Internet

Vera works all routines without requiring Internet access. Please fix this so all routines will run locally regardless of the state of Internet access.

Hi @PaddyHurley
There is no need for internet for execution.
It can execute without internet…Local execution.

We do however use internet to synchronize the internal clock.
So optionally internet connection used ONLY those 2 areas:

  • Sync time with NTP servers
  • Onboard the hub (get authentication from cloud)

The rest of the functionality does NOT require internet connection. If hub has no internet, but has tokens, local mode server certificates - it can operate without internet for a long time.

And the sunstates algorithm does NOT rely on internet. It calculates based on timezone and geolocations. It gets the system time to calculate.

And the only specific problem is if the hub goes offline for a long time and maybe it is powered off for some reason, then when you turn it on, it needs to sync time with NTP servers. Otherwise it will auto calculate time according to last known data (from last modified files, backups, db storage etc.)

You need to tell your technical support guys. They all told me it wouldn’t work without Internet connectivity.

we will review the discussion internally. Maybe there was a misunderstanding.
Hope the explanation helped.

Please let me know

From your tier 1 technical support:

40x40 Michael (eZLO)

Mar 16, 2023, 01:05 UTC

Hi Patrick,

No, if the controller loses its internet connection the MeshBots will not work either local or cloud.


Michael Morales.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

40x40 Patrick Hurley

Mar 16, 2023, 00:57 UTC

This is a follow-up to your previous request #286714 “Phone Call from: Patrick Hu…”

If I create a cloud meshbot and I lose internet connectivity, will the meshbot still function?

— Patrick

Hello @PaddyHurley

We apologize for the inconvenience, our colleague has received “re-training” and we are working to avoid this type of misunderstanding in other situations.

As @osman mentioned previously, there is no need for internet access for execution of MeshBots and it can execute without internet.
Time is synched everytime you connect to internet, but this is just nice to have to avoid time drift of electronic devices. But execution does NOT stop and continues even when there is no internet.
At Ezlo, our philosophy is, if it can be done Locally should be done locally.

Always happy to help!


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

Thank you for your time and explanation.

Daylight savings time is the only bump in the road :laughing:

The road is cobblestone…

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daylight saving is stored locally to my knowledge…No internet connection is required to “synch” it… unless, government changes it of course :slight_smile:

I’m an hour off on sunrise/sunset since DST started

Hello @BillC

Have you tried rebooting the controller so far?

Just reset. Let’s see what happens tomorrow