Ezlo SoftHub Downloadable for Free

Just add a Zwave or Zigbee stick if you want to support these frequencies (any frequencies worldwide)
or use the Ezlo SoftHub for IP based automation…
Runs local, controls local…


In my spare time I’ve been trying to get softhub up and running on a Pi3B for quite a while. When starting it from the command line I get an indication that it’s running but when logging in to home.getvera.com the controller is listed there (along with my two Vera Plus) but it’s shown as offline. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot it.

That’s “expected” behavior all Ezlo controllers show as offline on the Vera cloud gateway page.

Use your Vera mobile app instead or the Ezlogic web UI.

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Hello @tinman

As cw-kid mentioned, you can use your SoftHub on ezlogic.mios.com On home.getvera.com you can operate with your Vera hubs only. home.getvera.com doesn’t contain the new features we are adding to our new automation framework - “meshbots”.

Very busy disk with Softhub. I’m running softhub on a Pi3B. Fortunately I’m using a small SSD. I can see the disk is very busy. Using iotop -o I can see that a process running ha-update_manager is writing to disk at least every second. If I was using a micro SD on this Pi it would be a real concern. Is this typical for softhub?
I was planning to use softub for developing/porting the RFXtrx plugin for/to Ezlo hubs. However I got an email from The Smartest House about Ezlo Plus hubs on sale for $79.95 so I ordered one. Is it possible to use an SSD on a Vera Plus and use extroot?

Hi @tinman

Can you quantify that a bit please, what kind of actual numbers are you seeing?

This is normal, but, i’m curious on the magnitude of what you’re seeing, this is what I see on my softhub:

I’m actually not sure anyone has tried this, but, there is already considerable storage inside the hub natively so depending on what you’re doing it may not be required. We are also already taking advantage of the overlay, so, I’m not sure you can use multiple (it obviously can technically work within the context of overlayfs, but, i’m not sure it will work within a supported openwrt configuration).

Please do report back what kind of results you have from that, if I can help make it work I will.

Is that one of these:

I’m curious what you’re using it for? Looks interesting.

What did you use to show the disk access over time?

My interest in using an SSD comes from knowing that most non-volatile memory has limited write cycles.

There’s been a plugin for the RFXtrx transceiver for the Vera hubs for several years. The original developer (lolodomo) ended his support I believe back in 2016. I have a link to the post stating that but it’s in the old forum so the link no longer works. I’ve picked up support for the plugin since then.
The transceiver communicates with dozens of 433.92 Mhz devices as well as Somfy blinds and shade motors. If you’re interested go to rfxcom.com and download the user manual.

I’m reading metrics with telegraf, writing to lnfluxdb, rendering with grafana.

I’m trying to download the latest Windows Softhub version, but McAfee keeps flagging a virus in the download. It keeps quarantining the downloaded install.exe file. Specifically flag the following virus segment in this latest version: ti!OF69D807FCC2. Can someone please check this?

you should use a proper Antivirus product then :slight_smile: