Ezlo Secure outdoor camera recommendations urgently needed

Hello folks!

I’m in dire need of recommendations, please!

I have a VistaCam 1101 that I had used with my Vera Plus controller. I upgraded to an Ezlo Secure controller, and I’m trying to get advice on a new camera that will work with it. The VistaCam 1101 does not play well with the Ezlo Secure controller. I can pair it with the Ezlo Secure controller, but it won’t record and retain videos.

My requirements/desires are the following:

  1. I’d prefer a POE (Powered Over Ethernet) camera, wired (since I’ve already got a hole drilled for Ethernet cable as the camera is quite a distance away from the controller, and I have a mesh satellite that I’m hooked into).
  2. Outdoors, weatherproof.
  3. Easy to install and maintains a solid connection.
  4. Plays well with 2 VistaCam 702 cameras.

I’d really appreciate any assistance that anyone who have cameras connected to an Ezlo Secure controller can provide? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been messing around now with the 2 controllers, but need to have everything on the newer Ezlo Secure controller, a camera that is reliable and easy to set up. I’m getting a little bit on in age, and don’t want to keep climbing a ladder!

Any advice would be really great!!! Thank you!


we are about to release Ezlo VistaCam 1203 doorbell camera with “InstaVue” capability…
we have a beta group and testers since January.


Thanks for the response! However, I’m not sure that would work for a number of reasons.

    1. First of all, I don’t have a doorbell on the house (and no wiring or transformer to put one in), and VERY difficult to place a doorbell at either of the doors, location-wise.
    1. Secondly, the entrances to the house are on the opposite side from where the driveway is (which is where I currently have the VistaCam 1101) and I want to monitor action of traffic arriving and departing the driveway area. In reality, anyone arriving at the house would have to pull up the driveway, or possibly walk across an area to get to the house.


This is a screenshot from the VistaCam 1101 mounted on the carport; the house is to the right, and one would walk down between the carport and the house, then take a left to get to the doors. I hope you can understand my situation.

Any other suggestions or recommendations?


my bad…
we also have an outdoor camera being launched shortly.

Okay, not a problem. Most homes do have a doorbell installed when the house was built, or afterwards. Our place is just a bit weird, that’s all :wink:.

What does the release timeframe look like for the outdoor camera you mentioned? I had the 1101 hooked up to the Vera Plus controller and working/recording, but my Orbi WiFi 6 mesh router rebooted and I lost the 1101 camera on the Vera Plus controller. I can still view the 1101 on the Ezlo Secure controller, but I can’t set up any scenes to get it to record video. I tried re-pairing to the Vera Plus, but it can’t seem to find the camera. I’d like to get it working again at least temporarily for security reasons of course; any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks, melih!

I will ask the team about when…

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