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I dont know what to do with my Ezlo secure, is stuck on the light cycling from green to blue and it shows as offline on the app. There is no support on the website, no manuals, no nothing… really a bummer this intended transition from Vera Edge to Ezlo secure… Any recommendation on how to get it out of that state? thanks!


this happened during the setup process or after the setup process?

Way after, my Ezlo secure was up and running for a while… always on, not used a lot because not having the Hue plugin, but up and running couple of days ago I noticed that the lights where cycling between green and blue and the hub showed offline on the app

Here is the documentation for the light patterns

Booting application partition

Slow waving
(repeat time 4s)

Green & Blue

Thanks @cw-kid for the info, now the problem is that I dont know what to do becuase is still like it I cannot reset it even by holding the reset button for more than 20 secs, so really stuck here.

I’d log a ticket with Ezlo support if I were you.


I just created a support ticket to help you with the issue!

I have the very same problem. I have had my Ezlo Secure running for a about a week. I noticed today that the app says my controller is off line and the light is slowly flashing Green and Blue. It has been a party trying to get this thing set up and now it has stopped working! I have opened a support ticket early this morning but no one has responded! Very disappointing.

Good afternoon Mr. Payne,

We apologize for the inconvenience.
I see that you have already set up a support call with one of our agents to troubleshoot that issue, we will be happy to assist you.


Had a similar problem and Support couldn’t find a way to fix it. But I did.
Forget about power cycling using the reset button or anything else.
Like most electronics, most things are fixed by turning them off and back on with a short rest in between.

So, unplug the Ezlo Secure unit and simply let its battery run down over night. Then reconnect it and when you see the green/blue light, connect it to a hard wire or to WiFi.

My unit had the special problem where it didn’t know its time zone and wouldn’t let me change it in Unit Settings. Solution: go into your phone settings and manually set the time zone (you can later change it back to auto), go back to Ezlo unit settings and it should show the correct time zone. Once it gets it right, it will maintain it w/o your help. Unless you do a reset…

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