Ezlo Secure and Zooz ZEN25 double plug

I put in a request for ZEN25 support on Ezlo Secure early in August of 2021.

I am still waiting.

The ZEN25 worked well with the Vera Secure but not with the Ezlo. It doesn’t work correctly as a generic z-wave device and it doesn’t appear in any drop downs for the other categories.

I can include and exclude it fine. Using the Vera app (v3.62 (2). Firmware v2.0.31.2071.4) I can turn the individual plugs on but NOT off. The app indicates the plugs are off BUT they physically remain on.

It’s been over a year now. Can I get some priority help please.

Hi @chuckf2 , we apologize for missing feedback on your case. Actually after your request all the integration work was completed in a month and since IOS vera app version 3.57 and FW version it should have been working fine.
So I will call Customer support team on the case and we will get detailed logs from your controller. Sometimes the particular device that you have may also have defects, let us examine it in priority.

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Hello @chuckf2!

In order to gather information from the controller about the issues you are experiencing with your Zooz ZEN25 device, I’ve sent you a DM to validate your contact information. We’ll be creating a support ticket to continue the proper follow-up of your case.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I have replied. Thank you for looking into this.

What have the logs shown?

Hello @chuckf2

We’ve requested you some information via ticket in order to continue with the device troubleshooting. Could you please check and reply back?

Thank you!