EZLO Scenes - cannot change states in Actions

I’m trying to migrate from my Vera Plus to my Ezlo and only have IOS devices. using the app I cannot save a scene unless I choose the current state of the device in the Action.
For example if creating a scene “when xxx triggered turn lights ON”, if the lights are currently OFF I cannot set the action. The only workaround is to physically turn the lights ON to create (or edit) and save the scene.
Am I missing something or is this a bug? Firmware IOS app version 3.53(13)

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Sounds like a bug to me if that’s the case, as you should not need to actually turn the light on to save the scene with an action in that state.

I suggest you report the bug on the Jira ticket system


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OK I will, I’ve tried triggering lights and locks with same results. I’ll report it as a bug. Appreciate the help.

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@NeedsWork Thank you for reporting this issue. We successfully replicated this bug a couple of weeks ago and it’s been fixed already. A new version for the iOS Vera Mobile app will be released soon and with that update, you won’t have to deal with this bug anymore.

@cw-kid Thank you for suggesting reporting the issue on the Jira system. That’s always the right way to let us know about the bugs you may find on our system.

Best regards.

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