Ezlo reliability issues

I have an Ezlo hub and periodically when I attempt to control a device, the device is non-responsive. Meaning, it doesn’t turn on or off (for example). Occasionally, I’ll see a message in the Vera app that says “Device failed to communicate”. These are devices that are plugged in, and I the latest one was within 10 feet of the hub.

If I reboot the hub, the devices come back online, so it does not appear to be a device issue, but more of a hub issue.

I have numerous Z-wave repeaters and about 50 devices connected to the hub, so there should be plenty of coverage.

Any suggestions on how to make the hub more reliable?


Hello @robotman
Thank you for reporting the issue you noticed. Our customer support team will contact you to get logs from your controller. The logs will help us identify the root cause of the issue.

Hi @robotman its very important to find the root cause of this behavior in your setup.
I sent you a message with additional questions in pm.