Ezlo Plus Vs Smartthings

Hello everyone!

I am a Vera Edge user in Europe. And since I want to start using Zigbee devices, I want to change the gateway.

I’m watching Smarttings V3 now Aeotec and Ezlo plus …

Can users of Ezlo plus give their opinion on it?

Do I exclude Smartthings and hope that Ezlo will arrive in Europe, more specifically in Portugal or will I advance with Smartthings?

I wanted opinions from those who know both devices!
Thank you all in advance!

Hi @HeldeRodrigues

I haven’t compared Ezlo Plus with SmartThings myself, but I can at least inform you that the current estimates for the release of Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure in Europe point toward late 2021, early 2022. The European market requires a whole different set of regulations and certifications to be met, and that, along with demand, pushes the expected release dates beyond what we would ideally like to offer.

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