Ezlo Plus RGB bulb no colour option in Google Home app

I have a Hank RGB Z-Wave bulb paired to my Ezlo Plus.

In the Google Home app there is no colour button to change colours.

This is a Philips Hue RGB light and this is what it should look like with the colour button visible.

And then you see this with different colours your can pick.

Are RGB light devices paired to an Ezlo controller not fully implemented for Google Home integration?

This is a Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW module paired to a Vera Plus controller and in the Google Home app, it does have a colour button present, so it should be possible.

But it seems its not working for an Ezlo Plus controller.

I’ve not tried yet, but presumably this also means I could not voice command the Hank RGB bulb paired to the Ezlo Plus, to change the colours via a Google Home speaker.

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