Ezlo Plus quality issues?

I waited what I thought was long enough before replacing my Vera and getting an Ezlo Plus, but when I tried to install it, it will not connect, always remaining offline and greyed out. (I’m aware that this would be normal in the nonexistent web interface, but I am doing this in the latest version of the app.)
Strangely, no support was forthcoming from them – no offers to rush ship a replacement – so I am going to return the entire order, including controller, doorbell cam, and multiple sensors. Is this normal lately? Are they having production issues?

very weird…
which support email address did you use?

Hi @trcollins we would like to assist you setting up your controller as soon as possible. Our support team can reach you on your communication info and can you please describe the steps you have taken so we can understand the problem better ?

I both notified the hello@ address, because they sent me the notice confirming that the shipment had come in, and also the support@ address. No response from the first, and we quickly went straight to the return process with support, because no replacement was offered.

we are happy to replace if that will solve the problem…
Maybe we can solve the problem without a replacement?

As I told them in the support thread, my device gave the appearance of connecting (WiFi did not work, but wired SEEMED to work), but remained greyed out and “offline” in the app. After they suggested allowing remote access, I again pointed out that you can’t do that with an offline controller.