Ezlo Plus is still in beta correct?

I’m seeing Ezlo users posting problems here as if the device is ready for Production. Did I miss the official General Usage release announcement?


Been wondering the same for a few months… following.


The BETA of the Ezlo controllers has ended and now they’re Production devices.

Since it is a whole new product some issues may arise but we’re more than willing to work on them to find a solution.

Kind regards.

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I’ll keep an eye out on the progress before purchasing. I don’t want to be a Customer testing for free.


Very smart thinking, @droy . The beta testing required for all the various platforms (Atom, Plus, etc.), UI’s (dashboard, web UI, app, etc.) and online resources (Jira) has taken a LOT of effort. I’m as surprised as anyone that the physical controllers somehow made it to retail status as things stand.

There are many different parts that make up a home automation system
Mobile Apps
Rule Engine
Web UI

Ezlo provides sizeable amount of Hardware and Firmware to OEMs who handle their own mobile apps etc. All they need from Ezlo is Hardware, Firmware and Integrations (for specific devices).
So currently there is a huge number of Ezlo hardware being used in the market successfully and growing rapidly. That is why its out of Beta.

The retail user base needs more than just Hardware, FW and some integrations. In order to get the “retail” (not OEM) user base, we have to deliver Web UI, more integrations, EZLOgic, dashboards etc, which we are working on.

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Thank you for the clarification. I can wait a little while longer for the Retail release.


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