Ezlo Plus integration with RemoteLock service to Schlage FE595

I have two Schlage FE595 locks.
The old Vera plus ran them but not reliably thru remotelock to further integrate to the property management software Owner Reservations.
On the advice of Vera I bought a new Ezlo Plus but it does not work to bridge the lock with Remotelock. RemoteLock will not see the Ezlo Plus.
I am trying to send codes to guests from Owner Reservations to remotelock to Ezlo and then to the Schlage FE595 lock itself.
Any help is very much appreciated


Unfortunately, our eZLO platform is not integrated yet on RemoteLock feature.

You can contact RemoteLock directly here and make a request to find out more about it if you want:

When will your new Ezlo controller have the same functionality as the Vera Plus did?
Ezlo needs to contact Remotelock to make sure that they can support the new Ezlo product.
I have made requests of them and you before.

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We have already begun the process of ordering device. We will be sending it to our development facility for production, which can take up an additional 90 days.

Please understand and allow us some time to get the device in our development facility.

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

This is good news but 90 days seems like a long time.
When do you expect to have the Ezlo Plus integration with RemoteLock service to Schlage FE595?

I purchased the Ezlo and was told to return the Vera to you so I am really in tough shape until you complete this work.

How is this project coming?

Hello @Sloanish
We appreciate your kind wait during this time. We will communicate with the department in charge of devices’ integration and will come back to you with additional details.

I finally saw the invite on the Mios screen. Previously I only saw login but not sign up and that did not work.
I see my Schlage FE 595 locks but cannot add or edit lock codes.
When will this functionality be available?
See attached screenshot.

I made an error - the Correct Model for this is the Schlage FE599
Amazon product name is
SCHLAGE FE599NX CAM 619 ACC 619 Home Keypad Lever with Nexia Home Intelligence

Please provide an update on this topic. I had a vera that worked great. I upgraded as suggested and the lock no longer works.
EZLO Plus DSK: 41923
EZLO Plus Serial: 90004162
11b73f9e wifi code Serial

It has been 4+ months.

Is there an update on this issue?

Hi @Sloanish ,

This integration is made by a third-party company. We sent a request to them to get updates about any possible integrations.