Ezlo-Plus Home Security

Not sure where to post this. I upgraded to the Ezlo Plus after months of issues with my Vera Plus with my doorbell cameras. According to Ezlo custormer support the Ezlo Plus would address my doorbell issues. Well, that has not been the case. For the first week or two the two (2) doorbells worked great. That was back in January. Since then it has all been down hill. I get alerts when motion is detected, but the system does not record the video or allow me to play it back. Over the last month I have lost the ability to even see video on the doorbell cameras. And I have lost connection to the motion sensors that also detect light and humidity.
According to Customer Service, it is an issue with the iPhone interface. Well, it doesn’t work on my Windows Laptop interface either.
It seems like I loose more function weekly.

Is Ezlo really working on this issue or not? I have requested multiple times to have someone form management to give me a call and some assurance this is a priority and when I can expect my security system to work. I have been a Vera user since 2015 and was very happy with the system. I am extremely discussed with the system Ezlo is selling and providing.

PLEASE!!! Get this fixed. I paid good money for a product and it is NOT working.

What is the make and model of the Doorbell cams? Are they Ezlo VistaCams?

And what is the firmware version of your Ezlo controller?

All my VistaCams stopped playing their video feeds recently, support updated the controllers firmware (Currently and that seemed to have fixed it.

The doorbell cameras are VistaCam 1200s. Since I posted my original question, I have lost the ability to access my account. So, I am unable to tell you the firmware version of the Ezlo Plus controller. I am trying to talk with Ezlo customer service now.