Ezlo plus does not send email or push notifications

I have been working with support for weeks and I must say they are very poor. I was told by support that the problem I am having with my Eaton light switches is a defect in a chip in my Vera Plus and they said that the ezlo plus didn’t have the problem so I bought one. Since purchasing it, I’ve been emailing back and forth with support about the fact I can’t get notifications when they are specified in a meshbot/scene. Support keeps going around in circles and does not actually give me any information as to why this is happening or how to fix it. I have 2 devices configured, a z-wave water sensor and a z-wave duplex plug. Everything works as expected when I create a meshbot to switch the plugin off whenever water is detected but I don’t get notified even though I have an action that says to send an email and a push. I’ve tried both the app and the website interfaces to create the meshbot, all to no avail. Notifications are enabled. Help!

Hello Ken,

We’ve created three meshbots, two of them are only for notification purposes and the last one is locally created to turn off your switch Leviton DZR15 when a leak is detected by your Leak Sensor:

  1. Leak Sensor Ensuite Sinks: sending a notification when a Leak is detected:

  1. Solera-Water valve notification meshbot: Sending a notification when your water valve switched status:

  1. Water leak detected - turn off switch: When a leak is detected will turn off your Leviton switch and send a notification as well, however, make sure on site that turning off or on your switch will also change the water valve status (open to close or viceversa):

Please keep in mind that meshbots may be created using https://ezlogic.mios.com instead vera or MIOS mobile App, also do not edit your meshbots through your mobile app.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!!


Notifications currently work only if you create a meshbot and you can do it both from web and mobile.
Let us know after testing the meshbots support created, and we will check again.

Support finally figured out that they are having problems with email addresses on outlook.com and hotmail.com. Once I changed the notify email address to my gmail.com address, emails and notifications started working.