Ezlo Plus devices not working with Alexa

Me too. A week should be enough time for a band-aid to restore basic functionality…but i’ve been waiting over a month to be able to add to Alexa again.

Hi everyone,

We are currently in progress of fixing the Voice interactions. We will be updating you about the progress in couple of days.

Thanks for you patience.

Thank you for the update.
I tried to add a new device to Alexa again this morning at this link and the “Finish” button still appears non-responsive.

This page shows different devices added since 2 days ago…
Are you making changes? Now I’m afraid to do anything.

It would be great to have this working again. It was key to making automation work in our home. No one wants to pull their phone out, and run an app to turn on a light. It was what made it work for us. My whole family started using everything once I added that capability.

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I tried again this morning and this page
still does not show my updated Ezlo device list and the “Finish” button does nothing.

We have had a number of Ezlo support people tell us they are working on it, and that is good. But:


Tell me it’ll probably be at least 6 weeks, AND I’LL BE OK WITH THAT. But tell us that it is being worked on and leave us hoping that it might work by tomorrow or the next day if we’re lucky, and then to see nothing for 6 weeks and no hint of what’s next, isn’t working very well.


Thank you!

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I’m with you k7jv, this is ridiculous.

I’m putting in a complain to Amazon that the Ezlo description is not correct.

Here is the link:
Ezlo Plus Smart Home Hub with Zigbee & Z-Wave. Works with Wi-Fi Devices Associated with Amazon Alexa Devices & Google Assistant to Control Smart Locks, Smart Lights, Smart Switch and CCTV Cameras: Amazon.com: Tools & Home Improvement

I put in my 1 start amazon review. Id’ happily change it if progress was shown. Frankly, I’m extremely worried in the platform’s viability if this takes so long to correct.

and please, others chime in if you can add new Ezlo devices to Alexa. I’d be thrilled to know I’m doing something wrong.

Might be a good idea, as it isn’t impossible that part of the problem could be on their end. I don’t have all that much praise for the Alexa app, either.

Whatever happens, I don’t want the EZLO to die, as I’ve got too much time, energy and money invested in it to walk away and start over. At least, hopefully, all of my devices would work with other controller technologies.

And yes, if I do get success, I’ll share it. Thank you, MH88. :blush:

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We are here for you! Everyone is working very hard. I asked the team to give you a full insight…Ezlo is investing and will continue to invest heavily in continually building the platform.

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Hi, @meathead88 , @k7jv , @Grwebster ,

I can assure you that the matter is being on right now. and the fixes from our side is complete and we are on QA stage !
We shared before on some other threads that most of our core team is on Ukraine region and the recent power and internet outages on the area effected the working pace much. But we prioritized this matter since it’s our company promise to realize any integrations that is possible.
And would like to turn you 1-star feedback to a 5-star one as soon as possible @meathead88 .
All of you are long time community members and we appreciate much all valuable feedback coming from our experienced users/members like you and try to give you best value we can.

Let me give you an update on this before week ends.

Slava Ukraini!!!

I did not know Ezlo devs were in Ukraine. I will remove my review, as I know this problem is small compared to others being faced.

Can we please get it fixed though?

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I’m with you k7jv, this is ridiculous.

I’m putting in a complain[t] to Amazon that the Ezlo description is not correct.

A little over the top criticism I think. Amazon isn’t going to do anything here nor should they. There are dozens if not hundreds of unique requests for bug fixes, feature enhancements, and outright new features these guys are being inundated with. If you want instant gratification then Ezlo/Mios/Vera isn’t the platform for you.

I find the Ezlo guys pretty attentive to the user community needs and they are doing active development and frequent code drops. I don’t see what more could be expected. Especially for the monthly subscription fee you are paying…


Obviously you’re new. We’ve been dealing with BROKEN Alexa integration for over 2 months and have support tickets to prove it.
On the Ezlo Amazon page, they state it integrates with Alexa. For over 2 months, it has not.
Amazon takes false claims seriously, especially when it includes their brands.

And you make a great point, they do seem to be working and producing a lot of other features, just not fixing the one they have “on their box”.

everyone here are contributing with good intentions.
Lets focus on getting bugs out of the system so that you guys can enjoy an amazing system!

We all want the same thing here!

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We are on it , Thanks for your understanding , I will update the thread if we can have it earlier.

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