Ezlo Plus Controller, what Zigbee Channel number?


Is there anyway to see what channel number the Ezlo Plus controller is using on its Zigbee Radio ?

Some of my Philips Hue lights on the Hue Bridge say Unreachable, wondering if there is some conflict or interference maybe ?

On a Vera Plus hub you just look in Zigbee Settings



Apparently the answer is:

“The only place you can find it is Zigbee logs during hub initialization for now”





You might need to reboot your controller then look in the ha-zigbeed.log.

Mine says its on channel 25

getNetworkParameters: radioChannel = 25

Not sure if you can change the channel number however.

Looks like we did have the option on a Vera Plus hub to change to a different Zigbee channel.


And on the Philips Hue bridge in their app settings you can change it to another different channel.

I am assuming if you have multiple Zigbee hubs its better if they are all on different channel numbers?

My hubs are all on different Zigbee channel numbers already.

Ezlo Plus = 25
Vera Plus = 19
Hue Bridge = 11