Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure HTTPS server API

Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure hubs are running the HTTPS server on port 17000.

HTTPS server API documentation:
HTTP_server_API.pdf (62.0 KB)


Dummy guide for using the HTTP / HTTPS Server API on the Ezlo hubs.


Can you give me an example on GET ?

With Vera I can use a HTTP command sent from another system, like this to retrieve the value of a temperature sensor:


How do you do the same with the Ezlo HTTP API ?

The documentation example wasn’t clear to me.



I have another question regarding that is not clear to me.

how can i send http command from ezlo to 3rd party system with dim level of the dimmer, something like http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/3rdparty_url_dimlevel={_id,value}

Think you can send HTTP commands OUT from scenes in the Vera mobile app for iOS.

Don’t think the Android Vera mobile app has that ability yet.

Yes i can send but i know how to send a command for example when dimmer changes send a fixed value and not to send current level of the dimmer.

Hi @eonnet,

Just as with Vera you would require a bit of Lua for that. However, that is currently not possible in a scene. You would have to make a whole plugin for that.

Cheers Rene

I figured as much :slight_smile: now i’m using 3rd party system to ezlo, and ezlo -> openLuup -> Reactor ->http command to 3rd party system but its a hit and miss, after reboot of openluup reactor stops responding… it does not trip… but i still didn’t play long enough and searched what is the problem in order to ask for help.

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