Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure HTTPS server API

Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure hubs are running the HTTPS server on port 17000.

HTTPS server API documentation:
HTTP_server_API.pdf (62.0 KB)


Dummy guide for using the HTTP / HTTPS Server API on the Ezlo hubs.


Can you give me an example on GET ?

With Vera I can use a HTTP command sent from another system, like this to retrieve the value of a temperature sensor:


How do you do the same with the Ezlo HTTP API ?

The documentation example wasn’t clear to me.



I have another question regarding that is not clear to me.

how can i send http command from ezlo to 3rd party system with dim level of the dimmer, something like http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/3rdparty_url_dimlevel={_id,value}

Think you can send HTTP commands OUT from scenes in the Vera mobile app for iOS.

Don’t think the Android Vera mobile app has that ability yet.

Yes i can send but i know how to send a command for example when dimmer changes send a fixed value and not to send current level of the dimmer.

Hi @eonnet,

Just as with Vera you would require a bit of Lua for that. However, that is currently not possible in a scene. You would have to make a whole plugin for that.

Cheers Rene

I figured as much :slight_smile: now i’m using 3rd party system to ezlo, and ezlo -> openLuup -> Reactor ->http command to 3rd party system but its a hit and miss, after reboot of openluup reactor stops responding… it does not trip… but i still didn’t play long enough and searched what is the problem in order to ask for help.

Think you can send HTTP commands OUT from scenes in the Vera mobile app for iOS.

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