Ezlo plus and app and browser question

hello i speak french and i need a help with ezlo .I tried to contact the support but always the same useless answer. I just got the new ezlo plus to replace my vera plus. I would like to know where the dsc alarm panel can now be integrated because the web page does not seem to be able to program the ezlo. it always appears offline. and through the application there are very few options. however the ezlo is supposed to replace the vera. I really need a hand because I wonder if I made a mistake buying the ezlo if I can’t integrate my dsc alarm panel like in the vera plus

thank you

The Ezlo DSC Alarm panel plugin is still being developed and has not been released yet. Although it should be fairly soon.

Yes your new Ezlo hub will say Offline in the home.getvera.com Web portal page this is expected behaviour currently.

Instead you should use the Vera mobile app for ios or Android to setup and configure your Ezlo hub.

And you can take a look at the beta Ezlo Web GUI called EZLOgic at


I just looked at the beta Ezio app. Very impressive design. How soon does this go live and can the beta version be used now.?

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You can use the Ezlo web GUI now yes.

Areas of it are still under development however.

Its live now!!! :slight_smile:

Also the Dashboard is live too!

And you can configure this dashboard to your liking…change the order, hide some of them or even swap a specific tile with some other design and so on…

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