Ezlo Platform Z-Wave supported Command Classes & Devices

I totally agree with you both on Qubino and Fibaro devices.

So what I can tell for now is that the device integration team already have many Qubino and Fibaro devices in their roadmap. But I liked what @LibraSun proposed here. We will arrange a poll like that so we can share Fibaro, Qubino or any other device that we would like to see added to the list.


You guys really need to communicate more :wink:
@MCakan ask @Sorin if he has a list of devices the community wants to be integrated :slightly_smiling_face:



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Ofcourse we are working together with @Sorin :slight_smile:

Yes we were debating with him if we should continue to use the same tag or start a new one just for Ezlo Platform. We will create a new post under Official announcements next week explaining how we want to collect all this valuable feedback and how we will give our users more visibility in return.


I completely agree!
@Sorin @Melih we already gave our input when Ezlo acquired Vera almost 2 years ago. And you made a lot of promises to include “new” devices. also for current Vera platform !!
For some popular devices we wait already 2 years! And you still promis this on your website and all 3 Vera controllers are still for sale.
Recently you seem to ignore these requests completely (see other threads) and only focus on the new Ezlo platform.
This new ezlo firmware is only in early beta phase and usability is extremely lkmited. so all current Vera users cannot switch to he new platform and this will be a long road to go.
so keep on adding new devices to the existing firmware, keep your promises and don’t force a big part of the userbase to switch to other platforms as many already did


If you use the new Ezlo firmware on Vera hardware then you will have access to all these integrations we already have done.

For the new platform, we focused on the z-wave devices that are commercially available, but we also carried over from the old platform a lot of devices we supported in the past.

From what you’re saying these devices had some issues in the past so I don’t want to guess it.

I asked the team to check our inventory and it seems like we have some samples of these devices. We will evaluate them in the next couple of days and provide a more detailed answer on the level of support for these two devices,

Dear melih,

I follow the new Ezlo platform closely, I will also hopefully soon start to test the new controllers. I signed in for that.
As I wrote the new platform is by far not ready to replace my current setup. Sorry but is really not true what you state (“all these integrations we already made”).

Would you please react on my question ? Some clarity is highly needed. I hope you don’t stop the basic support we need to keep our current systems alive. Including adding devices what you promised several times.

Many thanks

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I did NOT promise to add new devices to old Vera FW @Mai_Pensato. I am sorry you have misunderstood. My position has been very clear from day one that we would be developing a new FW.

Any other question I missed, happy to answer .

Hi @melih,

I can only speak for my self, but I sure never understood until a week or so that version 7.0.31 would be the end of the Vera firmware and i have to wait until who know when until the ‘new’ firmware can take my current setup and move it without needing to exclude and re-include all devices. Forgetting about all the other functionality that I would like to move as well, but I have openLuup for most of that.

You seem to agree that a HA system should be usable for years (Customizable Dashboard Pricing), and the Vera firmware provided that since day 1. Will i be able within a year to take the (z-wave) configuration from a Edge/Plus/Secure and move that to a box with Ezlo firmware? That is the type of promise I am looking for. My interest on what can be done on Ezlo without a migration path is limited. Just as limited as for Fibaro, HS, Homey, Domotics, or name your other incompatible platform.

I have now learned that everything you write applies solely for Ezlo ‘firmware’, but this userbase has been talking on this forum about Vera firmware for years. So please understand that you are confusing the heck out of all of us at the moment.

Cheers Rene


Wasn’t my intention to confuse anyone @reneboer. I am sorry that was the end result.
I tried to always qualify it as “Ezlo FW” vs “Vera FW” …but I will do my best to try to explain it more in the future.

As to a “migration path”…I am not sure if we can provide a migration path without unpairing and pairing. Today I can’t promise that.

Given the zwave chipset differences, S2 support, etc. it might be better to rebuild the zwave mesh anyway. However I know you guys want to help existing users and are investigating ways to “ease” the transition for Vera installs. At the right time (i.e. when there is some clarity), sharing some of the thinking will help users understand how to migrate from legacy firmware to modern firmware in a pragmatic manner.


Me also, except worked it out a few weeks before that. Not many


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Perhaps we should start another topic called “Migration Ideas” and see if we can come up with some ideas collectively?

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Zwave supports controller shifts. you can join a secondary controller, and then shift it to primary. but pairing devices again is only a part of the equation. the real deal is that you can’t move scenes nor code actions.


Which is going to be the big thing that breaks stickiness.

I’ve said it before, but if I have to start from scratch why would I not look at all the other platforms?


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unless there is a plugin that migrates those scenes to the secondary controller…
but i agree…its not easy…all sorts of gotchas…

For my part, the response to that is quite simple: because vera/Ezlo’s the best. I have looked at the other platforms - and I chose to go with vera, because, of all the options out there, it provided the easiest, cleanest, most functional platform. And in the time since, I have never been disappointed in my choice, or wished I had chosen differently. Sure, there may be others that are more powerful/offer specific features that the vera lacks, but they don’t have the support and ease-of-use I have found with my vera.

And that was with the old vera firmware/hardware. The new Ezlo Linux firmware looks to be even better, and fix the few pain points I do have with the current system. I, for one, can’t wait, even though I will likely need to take some time off work to set up the new controller…


Interesting thought, and worthy of consideration.

My first consideration is that (as we are oft reminded) Vera <> Ezlo.

As far as I can see we’re starting from a level playing field. One may well be the best for any individual use case but that remains to be seen for all use cases and can’t really be determined now (at least for me) as Ezlo currently is lacking in huge amounts of functionality.

So if I was to be starting now: Neither Vera nor Ezlo would make the cut. Vera is EOL. Ezlo is not ready.



Agreed, especially if you use custom lua in scene-triggers and/or startup.lua. Beyond that, perhaps some sort of scene migration tool would help but device identity changes make that difficult too without a manual mapping. As an aside, I’ve been moving away from custom lua code, scenes and various plugins to Reactor because of the clear benefits but also quietly hoping that doing so might make the transition easier - @rigpapa is going to have to transition at some point too so maybe he will formulate some Reactor-based migration ideas.

It is early so I haven’t given it a lot of thought, but maybe the ezlo controller grouping could be extended, if it isn’t too much work or impossible, to include Vera’s sufficiently to allow an ezlo controller to orchestrate legacy Veras (i.e. bridge) until users are able to migrate various automation domains to ezlo. I imagine that any migration investment will have to be weighed against the benefit because it is a one-time penalty.

Excellent suggestion.

That’s pretty much where I am as well and have posted as much in the past. I look at every shiny new option that comes along, often buying them for experimentation but the original Vera has stood the test of time and this community is the best of the best. IMHO, if you add up everything the ezlo guys are doing across their cloud services and controller/hub, even the Vera will pale in comparison, let alone the current competition. There’s still a long road ahead, but it the path leads to a bright future.


actually the zwave allows these things, provided that the controller can still do it …
mine, Vera Plus, is planted at this level: it no longer has its id at 1 but at 17, suddenly this blocks the transfer from one controller to another. To solve this problem I can only reset and redo everything …
An important element would be to be able to have administration tools for the zwave network, to be able to treat it, see the mapping, etc. without going through a plugin or another system => having it integrated as a base

concerning the integration of the devices what it would be good is to integrate all the devices of the Vera, but a true integration, with all the functions and functionalities of each device tried physically. For my part I have had enough of hacking, we are in 2020 and at the time of plug and play. The last device I wanted to add is a Fibaro smart implant and it doesn’t fully work.

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