Ezlo Platform supported Zigbee Cluster's and Devices

You can also see the support page with the up to date list here

Hi All,

We are now ready to start sharing the progress on supported Zigbee Clusters and our plan how to support all of them in the upcoming weeks with high performance and great stability.

We will be updating this post after each release.


Above you can see the %age coverage of all Zigbee Clusters in visual format and how we make progress for each release. “S” above means “Sprint” which is a development cycle.


Above you can see how we make progress for each release on the number of Zigbee devices. “S” above means “Sprint” which is a development cycle. TAM consist from the number of devices that we put as the total addressable market for now. RtOS FW is the FW currently running on Atom and Plughub. Linux FW is our brand new linux based FW that is being used on Ezlo Plus for now.

Cluster Name Cluster Id Cluster part
Basic 0x0000
Power configuration 0x0001 BatteryVoltage
ON/OFF 0x0006
Level Control 0x0008
Thermostat 0x0201 LocalTemperature
Fan control 0x0202
Color Control 0x0300
Temperature Measurement 0x0402
Relative Humidity Measurement 0x0405
Electrical Measurement 0x0B04 RMSVoltage
IAS Zone 0x0500 Motion sensor
Contact switch
Fire sensor
Water sensor
CO sensor
Remote control
Key fob
IAS Zone 0x0501 Pin codes

Integrated Devices:

# Manufacturer Model Number Device Type
1 Centralite 3200-Gfr 3-Series Smart Outlet Type E
2 Centralite 3200-Sgb 3-Series Smart Outlet Type G
3 Centralite 3200-G/4257050-RZHAC 3-Series Smart Outlet
4 Centralite 3200-Gde 3-Series Smart Outlet (Type F)
5 Sengled E11-G13 Smart LED Bulb
6 Centralite 4257050-ZHAC Lamp Module
7 Centralite 3210-L Smart Plug
8 Sengled E11-N13 Smart Led Bulb
9 Nyce NCZ-3041 Motion Sensor
10 SmartThings IM66001-Mpp01 Multipurpose Sensor
11 Centralite 3323-G 3-Series Micro Door Sensor
12 Centralite 3315-Geu Water Sensor
13 Centralite 3315-G Water Sensor
14 Centralite 3305-G 3-Series Motion Sensor
15 Centralite 3305-Geu 3-Series Motion Sensor
16 Centralite 3300-Geu 3-Series Door Sensor
17 Nyce NCZ-3011 Door/Window Sensor
18 Centralite 3420 Night Light Repeater
19 Nyce NCZ-3014 Garage Door Sensor
20 Sengled E1D-G73 Door Sensor
21 Centralite 3200-Ggb 3-Series Smart Outlet Type G
22 Nyce NCZ-3043 Ceiling Motion Sensor
23 Bosch RFPR-ZB-MSL PIR Motion Detector
24 Iris 3326-L Motion Sensor
25 Iris 3315-L Water Sensor
26 Sercomm SZ-ESW02N Energy Switch
27 Centralite 3146-C Villa In-Wall Relay
28 Centralite 3145-C Villa In-Wall Relay
29 Heiman HS2SK-E Zigbee Smart Metering Plug
30 Centralite 3323-D Micro Door Sensor
31 Centralite 3141-C Villa In-Wall Dimmer
32 Sengled EN12-N14 Smart LED Bulb
33 Centralite 3140-C In-Wall Dimmer
34 Centralite 3328-G 3-Series Micro Motion Sensor
35 Heiman HS1SA-E Smart Smoke Sensor
36 Sercomm SZ-SMK02 Smoke Alarm
37 Centralite 3200-fr 3-Series Smart Outlet
38 Sengled E13-A21 Element Bulb
39 Centralite 4200-C 4-Series Smart Outlet
40 GE/Jasco ZB4101/45853GE-1 Plug-In Smart Switch
41 Sengled E1C-NB6 Element Outlet
42 Sercomm SZ-DWS08N Door/Window Sensor
43 Sercomm SZ-WTD03N Water Detector
44 Sercomm SZ-DWS04 Door/Window Sensor
45 Jasco ZB3101/45852GE Smart Plug-In Dimmer
46 Bosch RFDL-ZB Motion Detector
47 Sercomm SZ-PIR02 Motion Sensor
48 Bosch RFMS-ZBMS-3 Multi Sensor
49 Nyce NCZ-3010 Door Hinge Sensor
50 Sercomm SZ-PIR04N Motion Sensor
51 Sengled E13-N11 Smart LED with Motion Sensor
52 Philio PSG03-1 Smoke Sensor
53 Philio PAN13-1 On/Off Plug
54 Sylvania 73739 Smart Light Bulb
55 Peanut PP1-WHT-US Plug
56 GE/Jasco ZB3001 Dimmer Switch
57 GE/Jasco (Enbrighten) ZB3002 In-Wall Smart Dimmer
58 GE/Jasco ZB4001 In-Wall Smart Switch
59 GE/Jasco (Enbrighten) ZB4002 In-Wall Smart Switch
60 GE/Jasco (Enbrighten) ZB4102 Plug-in Smart Switch
61 Sylvania 72922-A Smart Plug
62 Sengled E12-N14 Smart LED Bulb
63 SmartThings IM6001-OTP04 Outlet
64 Sonoff S31 Lite Smart Plug
65 Hibro rSA-003 Smart Plug Outlet
66 Innr SP224 Smart Plug
67 Ecolink DWZB1-ECO Wireless Door/Window Contact
68 Ecolink PIRZB1-ECO Pet Immune Motion Detector
69 Ecolink FLZB1-ECO Wireless Flood Sensor
70 LUX 180428000059 KONOz
71 Aqara SJCGQ11LM Water Leak Sensor
72 Sylvania 74389 SMART+ Soft White
73 Heiman HS2WD-E Smart Wireless Siren Heiman HS2WD
74 Sengled E21-N1EA Smart Led Multicolor
76 Sylvania 73742 Adjustable RT 5/6 Recessed Lighting Kit
77 Sylvania ‎73661 RGBW Full Color and Tunable White Starter Kit
78 Sylvania ‎73859 Bulb, Color Changing and Dimmable A19 LED Bulb,60 Watt Equivalent(2pack)
79 Philips ‎7602031 Portable Dimmable LED Light Table Lamp
80 Sengled B089KHKGZW / 19010207 Smart Led Strip Lights 16.4ft
81 innr ‎AE 280C-2 Smart Bulb Color A19
82 AICase ‎E0755 Smart Light Bulb
83 Enbrighten GE ZB4201 Outdoor Smart Switch
84 Enbrighten GE ZB4103 Plug-in Smart Switch
85 Enbrighten GE ZB3103 Plug-in Smart Dimmer
86 Enbrighten GE ZB3004 In-Wall Smart Dimmer
87 Enbrighten GE ZB4004 In-Wall Smart Switch
88 Enbrighten GE ZB3003 In-Wall Smart Dimmer
89 Enbrighten GE ZB1001 In-Wall Tamper-Resistant Smart Outlet
90 Enbrighten GE 43132 ver 3.0/ZB1002 In-Wall Tamper-Resistant Smart Outlet Prise intelligente inviolable
91 Centralite 3328-C Micro Motion Sensor
92 AduroSmart ERIA 81822 Door Window Sensor
93 DOGAIN Smart Plug Smart Plug
94 Seedan Smart Plug,Smart Outlet Smart Plug,Smart Outlet
95 THIRDREALITY 3RMS16BZ Motion Sensor
96 Sonoff S31 Lite zb Smart Plug
97 3A 3A12S-15 Smart Strip Light Controller
98 3A HGZB-02A+ Smart Light Dimmer Switch
99 3A 3AZB-EU-01 Smart Inline-Lichtschalter
100 Consciot AZL003-US-2-V1 Dimmable A19 E26 Lamp(2-Pack)
101 Sengled E11-G14 Smart LED Bulb Daylight
102 Sengled E11-N14A Sengled Smart LED Extra Bright
103 Sengled E11-N13A Sengled Smart LED Extra Bright
104 Sengled E11-N1G Smart LED Light Bulb Vintage Edison
105 Sengled ‎Z01-CIA19NAE26W LED+Smart Control
106 Leviton DG3HL-1BW Plug-In Dimmer
107 Leviton DG15S-1BW Switch
108 Aeotec IM6001-MPP Muliperpose Sensor
109 Aeotec IM6001-MTP Motion Sensor
110 Aeotec IM6001-WLP Water Leak Sensor
111 Lutron Z3-1BRL-WH-L0 Smart bulb dimmer
112 Linkind ‎ZS1100400-IN-V1A02 PIR Motion Sensor
113 Linkind LS21001-NA-V1 Water Leak Detector
114 THIRDREALITY 3RSS009Z Smart Switch Gen3
116 AGSHome B0893DJBBL Door Sensor
118 Enbrighten GE ZB4003 In-Wall Smart Switch
119 3A NUE-ZB4D1W Smart Dimmer Light Switch
120 Philips 563254 White and Color A19 Medium Lumen Smart Bulb
121 Philips ‎551788 White Dimmable Filament ST19 LED Smart Vintage Edison Bulb
122 Leviton ‎DG6HD-1BW Dimmer
123 Sylvania 72922 Smart Plug
124 Linkind ZS1000210-IN-US-V1A02 Plug and 1-Key Remote Control Kit
125 Linkind ZL100050004 LED BR30(2-Pack)
126 Sengled E12-N1E Smart LED
127 Sengled E1C-NB7 Smart Plug with energy tracker
128 LEOMOCA LE-SWDM-01/QS-Zigbee-D02-TRIAC-LN Smart Light Dimmers Switches Module
129 eSupport SA-003-US-Zigbee Smart Plug
130 Sonoff SNZB-04 Wireless Door/Windiw Sensor
131 Sonoff ZBMINI Smart Switch
132 Sonoff BasicZBR3 Smart Switch
133 LEOMOCA LE-SWMK-O1 Smart Light Switch Module
134 Sonoff SNZB-01 Sonoff
135 Sylvania SMART+ 73740
136 GLEDOPTO GL-B-001P 4W E12Pro ZigBee RGBCCT Candelabra LED Candle Light Bulb 2000K~6500K
137 GLEDOPTO GL-B-001Z 4W E12 ZigBee RGBCCT Candelabra LED Candle Light Bulb 2000K~6500K
138 GLEDOPTO RGBCCT AC100-240V LED PRO Flood Light 10W 700LM 2700K~6500K Light IP65 Waterproof
139 Yale YRD256-HA2-0BP Assure Lock SL Smart KeyFree Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt
140 Sengled E1F-N5E Smart LED Candle Bulb
141 Sengled E1F-N9G Sengled Smart LED Filament Candle
142 Philips 556968 White & Color E12 LED Candle Light Bulb
143 Philips 556976 White Ambiance E12 LED Candle Light Bulb
144 Philips 541730 Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor for Smart Home
145 Philips 476812 White Outdoor PAR38 13W Smart Bulbs
146 Philips 555904 Smart Outdoor Lightstrip, 2m/7ft
147 AduroSmart 81815 ERIA Dimmable Soft White LED Smart Bulb BR30
148 Philips 1743530V7 Outdoor White & Color Ambiance Smart Floodlight
149 Philips 1743930V7 Outdoor White & Color Wall Lantern, Up
150 Philips 560409 Gradient LightStrip 55"
151 GLEDOPTO GL-B-008Z Smart LED Bulb Pro 6W E26 RGBCCT Lights 2000K-6500K
152 GLEDOPTO GL-S-003Z/GL-S-007Z RGBCCT Intelligent Spotlight Bulb Zigbee GU10
153 GLEDOPTO GL-B-008P LED Bulb Pro 12W E26 RGBCCT Lights 2000K~6500K
154 Sonoff SNZB-03 Motion Sensor
155 Philips 551796/9290022415 White Dimmable Filament Globe G25 LED Smart Vintage Edison Bulb
156 Leviton DG15A-1BW Plug-In Outlet
157 GLEDOPTO B07R3SMH49 12W Ceiling Downlight Recessed Dimmable RGB LED Lighting
158 Aqara ZNCZ12LM Smart Plug
159 innr SP 224 Smart Plug
160 Linkind ‎ZS1100400-IN-V1A02 Motion Sensor
161 Linkind ‎ZS1100500-IN-2-V1A02 Door Window Sensor
162 Linkind LS21001-NA-V1 Water Leak Detector
163 innr SP224 2x smart plug
164 ALLSUN ZSPW Smart Plug Outlet
165 Enbrighten GE ZB4002 In-Wall Smart Switch
166 THIRDREALITY ‎3RDS17BZ Door and Window Sensor
167 Xfinity Security MCT-350 Door and Window Sensor
168 Philips 7820130U7 White & Color Smart Light
169 Philips 1746330V7 Ambiance Appear Outdoor Wall Light Fixture
170 Centralite 4256050-RZHAC On/Off Lighting Appliance Control Module
171 Sengled 19070062 Smart Plugs
172 Sonoff SNZB-02 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
173 Kichler 15DC200(15DC300) LED Controller
174 Philips 473389 Motion sensor
175 LUX 1,80706E+11 KONOz
176 Kwikset 99140-026 Smart Door Lock
![image 690x94](upload://aLaWLFGSo1UstBfPYonH1NzaRA9.png)

You can see also the support page with the up to date list here


Great start guys! Lets get this to 100% asap!

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This is good news. On which firmwares will this be available?

Hi @Crille , It’s on new Ezlo Linux Firmware. (New EZLO Linux Firmware pre-Alpha starting soon - Official Announcements - Ezlo Community)

However, both our RTOS Firmware and Linux Firmware supports ZigBee, as long as the hardware you have has the Zigbee radio capability. Right now Ezlo Atom and Ezlo PlugHub does not have these…But other controllers we have like “Atom BeeWave” , “PlugHub BeeWave” , and all other Linux based Hardware will have zigbee controllers.

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Ok, thank you. So I’ll have to wait for the new Linux firmware to take benefit of this. Looking forward to the new Ezlo firmware for my Secure.

Keep up the good work!

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