Ezlo - Ping and Wake on LAN plugin is on the marketplace!

Hi everyone,

Our new plugin for Ezlo controllers, Ping and Wake on LAN plugin is on the marketplace. You can copy it to your controller and start using it immediately.

The Ping and WOL plugin enables you to monitor the configured device by pinging it on an interval of your choosing and send a command to devices that support the Wake on LAN feature in order to wake them from sleep/hibernation using our apps or via MeshBot automations.

After installing it on your controller, do not forget to configure it giving the parameters:

After configuration, you will be able to see your devices in the device list and use them in our web and mobile applications, as well as MeshBot automations.

Feel free to share your feedback here.


Keep them coming guys, great work!



Any news about the Ezlo Ping and WOL plugin version 1.0.1 being updated with the feature request I asked for ?

Where a new variable would be added for a manual press of the OFF button in the UI by the user, which could then be used as a Meshbot rule trigger. So you could then send out a HTTP request or whatever to also Shutdown your PC ?


Hi @cw-kid the plugin is updated with v1.0.4

Can you give it a try and share your feedback ?

@Osman I will try and update the plugin.

However I don’t see the little green update arrows against the plugins that have an update.

I did see them the other day however, but now they have gone. I tried deleting my browser cache and logging out and back in to Ezlogic.

Same in both Chrome and Edge browsers no update arrows appearing now.

Also note the “IP Device Generator Plugin” I did update yesterday but the old version still remains present.

I am worried if I delete the old version that will then also delete all my devices ? This is what use to happen before in the past.

EDIT: All my IP device vanished when removing the older version of the “IP Device Generator” plugin as I feared. So I have lost them now.



I have tested the new 1.0.6 version of the Ping and WOL plugin.

Pressing the ON button sends the magic packet to wake up the PC OK.

Pressing the OFF button now in the UI and the false trigger does now work OK. Before that was the problem and it didn’t trigger the meshbot.

However there seems to be a new issue with polling the Ping and WOL device does not turn itself to the OFF state when the PC has been shutdown, the button in the dashboard UI remains as on when it should be showing as off.

EDIT - Setting the poll interval to 60 seconds instead of 30, has fixed the problem. Maybe I just cannot poll every 30 seconds now as I wanted ?

So in summary it is now possible to manually press the OFF button your self in the UI and have a Meshbot then trigger by the Ping & WOL Switch going to “false”.


And I am then in my Action running a LUA script to send a CURL command to my Kodi PC to shut it down.

So now with the Ping & WOL plugin Switch device I can both turn ON the PC via WOL and turn OFF the PC via my Meshbot Action which is great !


Anyone else using this plugin?

Seems since version 1.0.6 when my target PCs are OFF and shutdown, the Ping & WOL devices incorrectly report them as being ON. When they are not.

I didnt have this problem when on version 1.0.4

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed the same issues?

The Ezlo Ping and WOL plugin has been updated to version 1.0.11 on the Marketplace. The ping portion was broken, however its been fixed now and the plugin has been working well, I’ve been running this version for several weeks OK.

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