Ezlo Linux FW Live release v. for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released a new Live update for Ezlo Linux firmware v. for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers with the following:
• Implemented custom plugin validation configuration types
• Limited postponed logs upload attempts
• Improved Vera to Ezlo backup restore process
• Z-wave devices integration bugfixes and improvements
• [Zigbee] - add support for Multistate Input (basic) cluster
• [ZigBee] Schlage CAM 716 password issue - fixed
• [ZWave] Direct association support
• [ZWave] Support more Yale door locks to use software pin codes restrictions
• Fixed issue that may cause modem infinity reboot loop
• Plugins (custom scripts) integration bugfixes
• Vidoo integration improvements
• General hub stability improvements
• Camera integration improvements

Automation Components:
• Scene changes related to the camera’s motion sensors
• Implement REPEAT condition function in Scenes
• Implement comparison of the strings compareStrings in Scenes
• Modified compareNumbers for comparison in Scenes
• Implement inArray method for Scenes
• Follow: Implemented function for resetting state of conditions with delay
• Latch: Implemented function for keeping true state of condition till user reset it
• Implemented function for repeating state changes of conditions with delay
• XOR in Local MeshBot triggers - fixed
• Other Scenes related bugfixes and improvements


Please can you give more information about this?

This is a possible migration method ?

Can we do something like

“If value of device1 > value of device2 then…”

with this?

You can restore all info related to your z-wave devices and rooms using backups from G-series to E-series. Yes, you can use it as a migration method with some limitations:

  • you can migrate all your z-wave devices and rooms
  • you might have issues with battery powered devices during migration
  • you can’t migrate scenes
  • you can’t migrate zibee devices

We aren’t able to compare strings in EZLogic at the moment. We are planning to add this capability to EZLogic in short term perspective.

Hello, Does association work for battery powered devices? I’m using a battery powered motion sensor (fibaro) and it tells me I have to switch on the device? I’m not able to create the association.

Hello @ranneman
Device association works for battery-powered devices. However, you should do additional action in order to create an association with a battery-powered device.
1 Create device association in Ezlogic with your battery-powered device.
2 You should wake up the battery device you associated with in a short period of time (approx up to 1 min) after the association has been created. The way you can wake up your device depends on device type.
For the Fibaro sensor, I found this instruction: To wake up the sensor manually triple click the B-button located inside the housing.
When the device sends a “wake up” signal to a controller, the controller will send back device association info to the device.

@max, thanks for your swift reply. I already tried the trick waking up the device but with no luck. Once I select the source device “motion sensor” the errors pops up in red telling me to switch on the device (To create association, please, turn on your device). If I triple click the button the devices led turns blue for 30 seconds. Whatever I try (creating the association within this timeframe or after this timeframe) doesn’t matter, I cannot save the association.

@ranneman Could you show me a screen with that red error message?

We’ll continue investigating the issue you reported tomorrow on FW and Web UI side. I’ll keep you updated.


The error message appears immediately and I have no way getting rid of it. selecting “Save Association” doesn’t seem to do anything, it looks like not clickable.

After a while I try it again and suddenly I can click the “Save association” button and get another message which I suppose is due to a lost connection to ezlogic.mios.com.


Creating an association for a powered device can be created (still need to figure out how to get it working as it doesn’t do anything)

Okay after trying, I put away my laptop and later on I check it again… and the association is created ?? So although I never noticed a succesful “save association” action it seems that the association is created in the background?


Hello @ranneman
Thank you for providing a detailed explanation.
Comments from the engineering team side:
1 The first message “To create association, please, turn on your device” shows when a battery-powered device is being added to the association. It means that you should wake that device up. We will improve the wording of this message to make it clear.
2 Second message was produced cause Ezlogic wasn’t able to connect to the device you were adding to the association. We will improve the wording of this message too.

As you see, you can create an association with battery-powered devices, but it’s a bit tricky. We aren’t able to control the wake-up process of the device. That’s why it might take a bit to exchange information about the battery-powered device’s association.
You are right, the association was created in the background when your battery-powered device woke up.