Ezlo Linux FW Live release v. for Ezlo Plus, Ezlo Secure controllers

We’ve released a new Live update for Ezlo Linux firmware v. for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers with the following:
• Implemented custom plugin validation configuration types
• Limited postponed logs upload attempts
• Improved Vera to Ezlo backup restore process
• Z-wave devices integration bugfixes and improvements
• [Zigbee] - add support for Multistate Input (basic) cluster
• [ZigBee] Schlage CAM 716 password issue - fixed
• [ZWave] Direct association support
• [ZWave] Support more Yale door locks to use software pin codes restrictions
• Fixed issue that may cause modem infinity reboot loop
• Plugins (custom scripts) integration bugfixes
• Vidoo integration improvements
• General hub stability improvements
• Camera integration improvements

Automation Components:
• Scene changes related to the camera’s motion sensors
• Implement REPEAT condition function in Scenes
• Implement comparison of the strings compareStrings in Scenes
• Modified compareNumbers for comparison in Scenes
• Implement inArray method for Scenes
• Follow: Implemented function for resetting state of conditions with delay
• Latch: Implemented function for keeping true state of condition till user reset it
• Implemented function for repeating state changes of conditions with delay
• XOR in Local MeshBot triggers - fixed
• Other Scenes related bugfixes and improvements


Please can you give more information about this?

This is a possible migration method ?

Can we do something like

“If value of device1 > value of device2 then…”

with this?

You can restore all info related to your z-wave devices and rooms using backups from G-series to E-series. Yes, you can use it as a migration method with some limitations:

  • you can migrate all your z-wave devices and rooms
  • you might have issues with battery powered devices during migration
  • you can’t migrate scenes
  • you can’t migrate zibee devices

We aren’t able to compare strings in EZLogic at the moment. We are planning to add this capability to EZLogic in short term perspective.

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