Ezlo Hubs Price Raise

Ezlo Plus 700 price raised 20 USD.

Apparently they have too many customers and are trying to stop people from buying their products?

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Not enough customers yet. But maybe…

It’s still dirt cheap at that price.

I always said I’d be willing to pay much more for a decent hub that does it all, or most of it anyway and just works and is stable…

My Vera Plus with all my Z-Wave devices and MSR and Home Remote dashboard app is currently rock solid. No need to “upgrade” anytime soon.

Ezlo still have a long ways to go before they are at even feature parity with the Vera hubs, even with the basics like association and devices settings and a functioning Web GUI.

That’s why I think the price raise is a little put of place. I was about to buy one for testing purposes, but now I’m hesitating, because so many people has told me that ezlo is still a work in progress, compared to Vera and with the price raise…

We are suffering because of the “Supply chain Disruption”. These increases are due to manufacturers increasing their prices :frowning:

You can read about these issues here: Very big issues.

We have huge orders we can’t fulfil because of these issues :frowning:

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You are totally right!! Those shipping container prices are crazy expensive


Its a HUGE issue that governments are looking into.

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