Ezlo hub and smoke detector problems


Any got a smoke sensor device paired to an Ezlo controller hub?

If so, do you get false alert notifications saying that either smoke has been detected or the device has been tampered.


I’ve got the following smoke sensors paired to my Ezlo Plus:

  • Fibaro Smoke Sensor 2
  • Heiman Smoke Sensor
  • Heiman Smoke Sensor 2

From time to time I get the status of every device via notification when there is a new firmware installed. I get only tampered notification, when the smoke sensors are really tampered. In one room (childs room) I get every now and then false alerts that smoke has been detected (the smoke detector also gives an alarm). So that seems not to be a fault of the controller. I’ve also changed the position of the smoke detector in this room but without success. Both brands give false alarms in this room. Unfortunately, I have not yet found out why this is. I think if I buy a cheap one from the hardware store, it’ll be more reliable.

Mine is a Philio Smoke Sensor paired to the Ezlo Plus hub, it might well be faulty. It never actually sounds the alarm noise however. I just get a lot of notifications in the Vera app saying its detected smoke and been tampered.

I have a Heiman CO detector in the same room but that is paired to a Vera Plus hub, never get any false notifications about that device.

I also have a Heiman Smoke detector in the hallway paired to the Vera Plus and that never false alarms with notifications.

I have 18 alert notifications just for today

Have you tried the Philio Smoke Sensor with the Vera Plus? If there are still false messages then it could indeed be faulty. If there are no false messages then something goes wrong with the Ezlo controller.

What about the smoke detection funktion? Does the Philio Smoke Sensor react when there is real smoke?

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No I haven’t tried the Philio smoke sensor on the Vera Plus but that is a good idea !

I will have to test it with real smoke.

I can confirm the Philio Smoke Sensor detects real smoke and then sirens, after cooking beef steaks tonight in the kitchen and setting it off.

I haven’t paired it to a Vera controller as yet, as I read another thread where another user confirmed the same issues with an Ezlo controller and Philio smoke sensor and another Philio device and false tamper and alarm alerts being sent.

Hi, We can not find this device listed for sale either on amazon.

Can you please provide a link where we can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

Ask @BenjaminB I think he has one of these Philio Smoke detectors there already?

This Philio Smoke detector works perfectly fine on a Vera Plus hub. But on the Ezlo Plus hub it sends false smoke and tamper alerts to the Vera mobile app.

What are these web sites ? They have it listed as an Ezlo Philo device !

One of them is your own web site.




I cannot find this Philio Smoke sensor for sale in Europe its not listed on the Z-Wave distributors site in Germany, so maybe the device is EOL now.

Ezlo Shop as well