EZLO framework for a new UI

Hi Guys.

We just launched the framework for a new UI. It is not complete and Alpha please bear with us.
We will be unifying all the functionality we have been building under this UI. So you will see capabilities appearing almost on weekly basis.
Today we are releasing a very basic functionality so that our QA dept and our users can test in live environment. Now that this will be our UI framework, we will continue to add to it on regular basis.
We also added a Customizable Dashboard capability, However please do not use it yet as it doesn’t store the dashboards in the cloud, it only stores locally. We put it there for QA purposes for us.
Thank you for your help!


Where is the Devices view now? Its gone.

I can’t see any of my devices paired to the Ezlo controllers, is that expected behaviour?


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OK I’ve been informed that this is the plan for the Web GUI and this new framework.

Eventually your devices will appear in the “dashboard” area. There will be a default dashboard out of the box, with default device tiles etc to get you up and running.

You will then also be able to customise your dashboard.

There are plans to be able to run just the dashboard part in a kiosk mode, so you don’t also see all the other areas of the GUI and settings etc.

The device settings for each of your devices will be accessible from the Settings area under “Device Settings”.

So currently your devices are not visible at all :frowning:

So I’d stick to your Vera mobile app for a little while longer.


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