Ezlo Dynamic Dashboard Tile designs have been updated!

You might have to clear your browsers Cache, the dashboard needs to be version 1.1.8


Temperature Sensors now have a temp range and different colours


For the beta MIOS app on Android, I had to go into the devices Settings and Apps and then delete the Cache and Data for the app and then log back in.

Only then did the new dashboard 1.1.8 version appear.


What order do the devices appear on the mios dashboard? Seems to be random. I’ve tried to find a way to group them.

Dunno by device type it seems, but maybe not always?

There is a filter button in the middle at the top right. Not sure if that works now ?

Would be nice if they had different “Views” like group by rooms.

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All Humidity sensors of my Aeotec Multisensor 6 devices are now marked as unreachable in the Dynamic Dashboard while all other child devices (temperature, motion, light) are reachable:


However, the values seem to be updated:


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Yes I have the same problem with Humidity sensors I told the devs already.

Hi, there was a small bug on the latest release. We already fixed it. It will be live latest monday morning if not today.

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Got a new look and feel to my dashboard today. It think its an improvement from a readability perspective. Some issue with devices hung up but I’ll try again over next few days to see if that is resolved with the issue you note. Seems like there needs to be a timeout for slow or non responding devices instead of waiting for eternity in constant spinning circular arrow.

Are your Motion Sensor Tiles working? Mine don’t seem to trip and change state.

Is there a reason the thermostat only has a “low” fan speed setting in auto?

Seems you can “Filter” by rooms and that does work and then just shows the devices from that particular room.

Filtering in my opinion is not a “View” type.

For example in Vera UI7 web GUI we have Room / Type / List views.

I always have mine on Room view and it sections off the devices in to their rooms as you scroll up and down the page etc. I’d like to see some default view types on the Ezlo dynamic dashboard page.

In the Ezlo device settings page, they do have rooms along the top at least.

Does anyone else have problems scrolling the Dynamic Dashboard vertically with the mouse wheel? Depending on where the mouse pointer is, it only scrolls in slow motion or it falters. This happens with both the Chrome browser and the Edge browser.

Can anyone post a screen shot of a Light that is not a Dimmable light and how it looks on your dashboard?

Mine are showing as Switches with the plug icon. (They are bridged devices however).


I guess that they are “Switches” as they are ON / OFF light switches.

But I don’t like how they look on the dashboard etc.


Those are GEJasco wall switches

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The syatem needs some way maybe to work out what is a Light Switch and what is an Appliance Plug.

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hi @cw-kid , the tiles will be changed with a light tile, if the device category is inwall.switch
Most of the time inwall switches are used for lighting. (there may be cases where they control ceiling fans or any other circuit you like, so it is impossible to know what it is used for, but we agree it should be shown as lighting.
So @BillC 's devices will show as lights.

On the other hand for your devices,
Bridge plugin creates devices with type switch.outlet , either we have to decide if an outlet = light or the plugin needs to change the device type

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Or let the user change the device category himself in the device settings, like we can in Vera UI7

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