Ezlo Dashboard web app Alpha release

We are happy to announce that we’ve released Ezlo Dashboard Web App Alpha.

Important note: Most of our users may not log in until Tuesday, If it says it didn’t go through you need to wait until Tuesday

With this new application, we will bring to you, a new look & feel, faster way to create custom dashboards, a seamless user experience, and many more to come.

Feature list available for Alpha users:

  • Login into the Ezlo Dashboard web app by using username and password that you use for Vera account
  • If you forgot the password you can reset it anytime.
  • Create dashboards with predefined templates
  • Create a dashboard for landscape, portrait or the same for both modes
  • Edit/Delete dashboards at any time
  • Add devices to the dashboard as tiles
  • Add scenes to the dashboard as tiles
  • Add web links to the dashboard as tiles
  • Add existing dashboard to another dashboard as a tile
  • Customize your dashboard in the dashboard settings
  • Rename the dashboard
  • Change background color for the dashboard
  • Change tile’s background color
  • Hide icon and title for tiles
  • Create a copy of your dashboard
  • Make a dashboard default.

Known issues:

  • Change icon color, font color is not supported
  • Some scenes are missing
  • Scenes from Vera hubs is not supported
  • Devices from Vera hubs is not supported
  • Add/take a picture as a background is not supported
  • The selected image is not showing as selected
  • Default dashboard issue
  • Profile image stretching issue
  • Landscape mode doesn’t support
  • No access to the web app on Safari version 10 and lower


  • Ezlo Atom or Ezlo PlugHub or New Linux Firmware on Vera Edge controllers


Please note that since the beta/Alpha apps have not yet been commercially released, they may contain bugs, errors, or technical inaccuracies. It may not function as well as general availability software releases.

Your feedback is the one that will help us to create the best Dashboard configurator application in the world!


Hi Guys,

As you can see we started investing on the “Web” version.
This will start as the dashboard initially but we will then turn more and more functionality you need to be “Web” based. This way you will have a “web” version of our capabilities.

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Got this when i jumped to the dashboard list page, even tho devices have been added. When i press got it, i was returned to the list.

The select back ground coulour page fails to scroll.

Firefox, android 8. In mobile and desktop view.

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So this is the Web based version of the Ezlo customisable dashboard. Great we will have an IOS and Android and Web based dashboard control app!

A dashboard being a pretty front end remote control GUI app only. That we can have on our phones and wall mounted tablets.

What are the plans for a Web based version of the Ezlo hub itself?

We currently now have Vera Web based UI7. This is the primary GUI we use to setup and configure our Vera hubs and devices and scenes and logic on our big screen PCs and laptops.

We don’t really use a mobile app on a small screen for setup and customisation only for control.

And we currently use as a front end mobile control app GUI on a small screen, either the Vera mobile app, or in my case and many others Imperihome.

Or perhaps one of the various other 3rd party remote control GUI mobile apps that are available for Vera.

We are going to see a Vera UI7 http Web based GUI replacement right for the Ezlo hub?

We don’t need it to look pretty necessarily, we need it to be functional and give us access to everything we have now in UI7.

Devices advanced settings and parameters and variables configuration, scene and logic engine setup etc.

The dashboard apps need to look pretty, but the Web GUI for the Ezlo hubs needs to be functional for setup and programming on our PCs.

Is Ezlo going in the same direction as its users want?

  1. A functional web based http GUI for accessing the hub directly and all its features for device and scene setup and configuration and programming. “back end”.

  2. A super nice looking “front end” fully customisable dashboard remote control app (Imperihome 2.0) for mobile devices and control devices, IOS, Android and Web browser based.

A dashboard app is not the same thing as a setup and configuration app.

The current Vera mobile app is trying to be both and It is not working.

A dashboard app is a pretty front end only.

The dashboard app should not have settings and features for configuring the hub. Unless they can be fully hidden and locked away from other family members.

This is not possible now with the current Vera mobile app and is why I’ve never used it.

If you need a mobile app similar to the current Vera mobile app that can be used to setup and configure the hub. Then fine have one. But I don’t want to see it or use it.

I want a fully functioning Web GUI (UI7 2.0 aka Ui8) to connect directly to the hub for setup and configure the hub on my PC.

And then a separate dashboard remote control app that is just that. A pretty front end with no settings or options for configuring the hub or devices or scenes.

So I guess you need three GUI interfaces.

Or perhaps two GUI interfaces, if you have a mobile app that can act as both a configuration app and or just a dashboard only app and then the Web GUI for configuring the hub on a PC.

The boss knows all this already, I’ve had several conversations with him about it all. But I’m still not clear yet on which actual direction Ezlo might be heading in?


I agree. But, given the open nature of the web sockets server, it’s possible to build a GUI even if they don’t ship it directly. Just as AltUI did for Vera.
@reneboer is already working on ezloBridge to bridge a controller to openluup. I’ve not tried it, but I think it’d be possible to manipulate device in the future.

Having said that, it’s important to have a web GUI (I won’t like to pair device or arrange things on a my mobile as well), but it’s more important to offer well and documented APIs and work with the developer community. I applaud their commitment here. I think it’s just a matter of time and we’ll have a couple of things that now are missing.


I have a registered Vera Plus working, but I cannot log in. Get the error message:

Hi @awaterman,

Ezlo Dashboard works only for Ezlo controllers.

When will it work ? Because your boss announced ezlo firmware will be available for Vera Plus and Secure in near future. For Edge it is in beta test phase.


Regarding the background colour. I see you have a colour picker in the web based version and RGB sliders in the mobile app version.

I like the colour picker, but I also want to see a text box where I can enter in exact colour codes, either R,G,B or HEX etc.

I want a grey background with an RGB value of 48,48,48

In the web based version I have no way to set that colour. I can do it in the mobile app version using the sliders. however it very tricky to get the sliders to the right number value.

Also I would like a global option to set all dashboard pages to the same background colour.


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