Ezlo controllers Beta enrollment starts now

Nice… Will there be a European Schuko (Type F, CEE 7/4 plug, [CEE 7/7 plug] ?
Or do the euro hub need an adapter?

and does it take 230 volts if an adapter is used? I thought only the USB was EU for now?

O, PS, shipping is an issue right now as not many plains are going. Our company has trouble sending plain letters to some European countries. (Invoices, so they are not happy :zipper_mouth_face:)

If I remember correctly (and looking at the OP)

EU will be Atom V2 and Ezlo Plus, not the PlugHub V2

I’m in France, will the two EU version boxes be sent at the same time?

Are those plug-in devices UL listed (asking for U.S. users)? I could see any stamp or insignia on them in the photos.

I have used UPS from Italy and from Belgium to Sweden 2 weeks ago . No problem , came in 3 days…

Hi @Matteburk,

I have not heard about problems in EU either, but from the US to here it seems to be.

I signed up for the Beta program and am looking forward to testing the new devices. I have a moderately complicated VeraPlus setup and my parents are still on a Vera Lite with a much simpler setup, so I plan to upgrade them to either the Atom or Plughub and test a few devices on the Plus at my house.

I was about to buy some Sengled RGB smart bulbs and from what I’ve read my Vera Plus would only do on/off and maybe dim at best, but isn’t likely to handle color settings on the bulbs. I could buy a Sengled hub, but if the Ezlo Plus will be able to handle color commands to a Zigbee bulb then that seems like not only a waste of money, but also a missed opportunity to put those bulbs on the Ezlo Plus for testing when it arrives.

Will the Ezlo Plus be able to handle color change settings for RGB Zigbee bulbs?

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These bulbs are great! But, I can confirm will not work with any Vera. Hopefully, the Ezlo units will have the right Zigbee chip installed.
Side note, the Sengled hubs are not great, but super cheap. Going for about $20 and can handle 64 devices.

Post 59 has hardware specifications. Do I see correctly or there is typo: Ezlo atom 2 has only 8MB RAM and 16MB flash. First is suspect you can’t do much with 8MB RAM and 16MB flash has no room for plugins,logging or any kind of storage.

If this data correct, the Ezlo plus is the only unit which has enough ram and flash storage.

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Old Vera Plugins and New Ezlo Plugins will follow a very different structure. I wouldn’t compare the storage requirements based on old Vera Plugins. Lets wait and see what we can run in Ezlo Atom, it already has a full LUA engine.

Hello everyone,
I just added a new post with some updates about the Beta Program here - please check it out.


Fresh update about Atom REV2.
Flashed, provisioned and ready for enclosure


Do the Atom controllers ship with a Manual?

I notice no link to a manual is listed at https://getvera.com/products/ezlo-atom

Plug ans play :crazy_face:

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So in browsing through the forums, I’ve seen references to “pre alpha” Ezlo linux firmware, as well as “RTOS” firmware. Which do these devices come with? And is there a page I can go to to see what the difference is? For example, I saw a post about “early beta” for an offline mode. Which firmware does that refer to?

Ezlo Atom - RTOS
Ezlo Plughub - RTOS
Ezlo Plus - Linux Firmware

all of the above work in offline mode.

Oh, I see. The thread on the beta of offline mode is actually from back in January. So presumably by now it’s been implemented. My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

no worries :slight_smile:
Yes, I am using Ezlo Atom v2 (you can get one by registering in beta) as well as Ezlo Plus…they both operate on Local mode. When i say local mode: Not only device triggers etc are all local, my smartphone app also connects to it locally…We believe in architecting everything to work local, if it can work local!


@melih I’m confused, is beta open or closed?

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