Ezlo controllers Beta enrollment starts now

Hi @ElCid,
The beta indeed closed as we received a lot of interest for the Ezlo Plus, but I can add you in the beta for receiving an Ezlo Atom v2 or an Ezlo PlugHub v2.

You’ll receive a DM from me with the details for enrolment.

That clears up any confusion. Thankyou

Will those who signed up for the beta before it closed and who are waiting for the enclosures and not just the boards, still receive a Ezlo Plus ?


Hi @cw-kid,

Everyone who sign up before the Beta closed and are located in the US will receive the Ezlo Plus - those who opted for the board will receive it faster than those that wait for the enclosure - this is the only difference.

For EU we are still preparing the boards - we’ll have next Tuesday the EU boards ready and ship them to all the users from Europe that enrolled and accepted to receive the boards. For the others that want to wait for the enclosure we’ll see how many boards we’ll have at that moment and ship accordingly. We’ll get back with information once we have it.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am in the EU and wanted one with an enclosure. Please save me one :grinning:


Noted! :innocent:

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I signed up a while back but have not received any confirmation emails. Current veraedge user, veralite prior to that. Any way to see if I made the beta?

Hi, is it possible to still get one EU version :slight_smile: ? I am in Poland :slight_smile:

We’ll get back with info on the EU version of the Ezlo plus in the next 2 weeks, when we’ll also get closer to the date the enclosures should be ready. :slight_smile:

I sent you a DM for clarification.

Is there any way to sign up? I am Vera Plus user with 70+ devices.

I sent you a DM with details.

Thank you :wink:

Thank you. I responded.

If it is still possible to get in the beta, I have a semi stable Vera plus that I would love to transition to something more stable. Almost 100% zwave usage integrated into Home Assistant.

Probably 40 devices or so between light switches, outlets,motion sensors.


@Ioana I’m from the EU and also signed up for the beta and board only. But have never received any confirmation.
Does this mean I’m on the list or not?

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i have signed up for the beta in the UK, and am looking forward to testing the Plus with an enclosure :slight_smile:

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Hi @iRobot - you probably sign in only in the form to get the board, not in the initial enrolment. We first ship the boards to the users that made it in the first list, after that we take the users that sign up later since we also need more information, not just the email address. Since we’re talking about EU boards, we’ll get back in 2 weeks or so with more information about the number of boards available.

I’ll send you a DM to be added in the waiting list if you want.

Sounds good @loana. Sorry I wasn’t more prompt in my response, but a 4 year old, a 4 month old, and a wife recovering from a broken ankle have kept me a little busy :slight_smile:

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I really thought I signed up for the beta also, since I’m not on that list I must have made a mistake.

Anyway, yes please send me a DM.
I definitely want to be on the reserve list and give you the needed information.

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