Ezlo basic troubleshooting

Is there a basic troubleshooting guide somewhere for interactions with connected devices? As an example, commands to my z-wave lock are failing. The Vera app seems to indicate everything is working as normal - I’ve done a “reconstruct z-wave network” - other options at this point?


For device interactions the best bet is to involve our “Integration Team” who have integrated those devices and would have knowledge.
Of course manufacturer of those devices are also a good bet.

@melih - with the Vera controllers - there would be an obvious indication if something was going wrong with z-wave communication. Vera also had the option to essentially restart the z-wave module and I could effectively reboot the system remotely by changing the firmware image.

In this instance, I’m more of the thought the controller itself has an issue over the device.

@mr007 Hi this is Benjamin from the Integration team. Can you tell me what are devices you are using at the moment. Also is it possible to get access if we need it later to your controller? So we can investigate more deeply. Some devices in the market can malfunction and we have no control over any of these devices.

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