Ezlo Atom(s) will not connect to cloud - symptom is 3 second LED blink

I have two Ezlo Atoms that no longer connect to the MIOS cloud. This transpired as follows.

  1. I upgraded my Plume access points to 802.11ax from 802.11ac
  2. The Ezlo Atoms seem to anchor to an access point’s MAC address, not SSID (i.e. WiFi name) so they did not connect to my WiFi SSID because the AP MAC addresses changed.
  3. To re-connect the Atoms to my WiFi, I reset the network with two quick presses of the reset button per the online instructions.
  4. Using the Vera app on iOS, I “added a new controller” for each Atom in order to enable the Atoms to see the new access points. In both cases, the Atoms were already setup on my account and they both connected to WiFi. After the WiFi was setup, I clicked the Start button and received an alert that the Atom is already associated with an account so I exited the app.
  5. At this point the Atoms are connected to my WiFi (I can see them in my router logs and on the network using an MDNS browser) but they refuse to connect to the cloud.
  6. I have checked my firewall logs, and no traffic from the Atoms is being blocked.

The Serial Numbers are 70060017 & 70060095.

Please advise.

Hello @blacey ,

We’ve just checked and both controllers are reporting online to our servers. Please, confirm this to us, and if the issue persists let us know to further troubleshoot the issue.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @StefanyCantero, thanks for your assistance. Yes, both Atom controllers appear to be on-line today. Don’t know what happened, just that yesterday, both controllers were connected to WiFi but not the cloud. Maybe the Plume system optimized the mesh somehow or the root cause cleared? Were there any cloud outages yesterday? Glad they are back online.