Ezlo Atom Local Control - Not working?


I recently ordered and setup an Ezlo Atom after my Vera Edge died and was testing the “local-only features” by cutting internet access. Once internet access is cut, the app just shows disconnected. How to I take advantage of this feature?


Hello @jl8813

Local features are related to Z-Wave devices and scenes created prior to the internet outage, during the outage the Vera Mobile app won’t be able to send any direct commands to the Atom because there’s no communication through the router of your house.

More over, the app needs to be running in the background and the last controller that you managed needs to be the one you will control during the outage, the latter with the eZLO Plus and eZLO Secure.

Wouldn’t be able to through the cloud, but the router is still up and I can ping the Atom locally. What about the :17000 Luup API mentioned elsewhere in the forums?

That wasn’t my interpretation of “you’ll still be able to maintain all the functionality you’re accustomed to when you’re inside your home, but you will no longer be able to control or monitor your system remotely.” from the Atom product page. To me that sounded like everything would work if you were inside the house, including the app. Coming from Vera that’s how things worked.

So that’s really disappointing and makes the Atom not a suitable fit for me. Thanks for the replies.