Ezlo Atom & Alexa account link not working

Using either the Vera or Ezlo skill, I’m able to log in, but I’m shown “no controllers found on your account”. When I log into home.getvera.com outside the Alexa app, I see the controller fine, but only when I’ve selected “Manage Alexa” from the drop-down menu. “Manage Alexa Ezlo” from that same drop down shows no controllers.

Can this be fixed at either the Alexa Skill end or the website end?


What smartphone are you currently using? (Android or iOS)

Make sure you have the latest Vera Mobile App and Alexa App too.

Up to date Android on Pixel 6, Alexa and Vera app both up to date.


Please proceed by clearing the cache of both apps, Vera Mobile App and Alexa, then reboot the controller and try again, to make sure that your controller has devices already added to it.

Tried this, no joy.

This is the URL from the Vera control skill:


The Ezlo skill has a separate URL that also has an empty list.

But the device list at this URL is populated


How can we get the very top URL to report the same list as the very bottom URL?


Please keep in mind that security devices cannot be controlled through Alexa, if you do have lights or switches please let me know and I will create a support ticket to have an agent assist you with your problem.

No security devices, no lights, just the Atom controller and three shades. Should I still open a ticket?


Unfortunately, shades are also considered security/privacy devices, therefore, these will not be transferred to Alexa, and if there are no devices that can be shared, the error message will be the one you are getting.

Let us know if you have more questions.