Ezlo API, how to get item value?

I’ve seen the question in many other threads, but never seen an answer.

How do I get the valueFormatted of a temperature sensor by requesting a local http get to the Ezlo Plus?
(I’m already set up with offlineAnonymousAccess and can set values etc)

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You have to use the hub.items.list method and include the device ID of the temp sensor. That will return a json with the valueFormatted. See API - Ezlo API Documentation

In http that would be something like:

(the parameter deviceIds is not yet correct, having trouble to find the right use.)

Cheers Rene

The main goal is to have the Ezlo Plus to update a virtual sensor on my Vera Secure when value changes (like luup.variable_watch) but the lack of examples and me not understanding the docs for the new firmware stops me from doing that.

One would think since there is hub.item.value.set there would be a hub.item.value.get but not that I have found in the docs.

So my idéa is to poll the sensor from Vera in a scene with a simple http request.

I can get the value with the api tool with hub.data.list:

    "api": "1.0",
    "method": "hub.data.list",
    "id": "_id_",
    "params": {
            "ids":["5fd35167129e0711ffa44a75"], "fields": { "include":["valueFormatted"] }

But I can’t figure out how to filter nested objects in a url.
I guess it’s quite simple to script this request and extract the value from the json response if you know how, but I’m still a novice in Lua.

It seems we are stuck at the same thing then. I asked the developers but no reply yet.

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Hi @Crille,

I was reading past the most powerful request “v1/request”. With that you can post the exact json data to the hub.

https://<ip>:17000/v1/request -d '{ "method": "hub.data.list", "id": "16081108876", "params": {"items":{"ids":["5f747430124c411719483753"],"fields":{"include":["valueFormatted"]}}}}'

Cheers Rene

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I tried this command in Postman, to get the temperature off a Fibaro motion sensor, but I get an error: -d '{"method": "hub.data.list", "id": "5f749301120bab105e88c463", "params": {"items":{"ids":["5f749301120bab105e88c464"],"fields":{"include":["valueFormatted"]}}}}'


I tried HTTP and HTTPS.

You have to use a POST request, not a GET.

I tried POST also.

Let me try again.

You can use GET to run a scene or control a device on the Ezlo Plus hub OK.

I think you need to look at the PostMan documentation on how to specify the data in the POST request. The example I gave is for a curl command.

I get this with Curl

There was an extra space in front of the “method”. I removed the space and now see this:

If I remove all the spaces from within the command like this:

curl --insecure --http1.1 -d '{"method":"hub.data.list","id":"5f749301120bab105e88c463","params":{"items":{"ids":["5f749301120bab105e88c464"],"fields":{"include":["valueFormatted"]}}}}'

I don’t get any errors now but I get no value back either.

Its the same with this command and using the other ID number “1608117651467” , still no value returned.

curl --insecure --http1.1 -d '{"method":"hub.data.list","id":"1608117651467","params":{"items":{"ids":["5f749301120bab105e88c464"],"fields":{"include":["valueFormatted"]}}}}'

Thats great, now I just have to figure out how to send that from Vera and parse the json response :thinking:

I see you are using curl in a Windows command shell. That handles quotes differently than Unix/Linux. The single quote does not help to make the rest of the command a simple string. You need a lot more quotes. Some thing like:

-d "{ """method""":"""hub.data.list""", """id""":"""1234"""..... }"

As always, I ended up doing what I know best and wrote a powershell script to do the job.

I wish there was a simple url to get the value, then I could poll directly from Vera instead.


Just tried it from my Pi instead and that does indeed work OK and return the temperature value.


Example Curl Command:

curl --insecure --http1.1 -d '{"method": "hub.data.list", "id": "608801a4120bab172e9c4f66", "params": {"items":{"ids":["608801a4120bab172e9c4f67"],"fields":{"include":["valueFormatted"]}}}}'

This is the first thread on the forum I believe with a working example of retrieving values via the Ezlo API !

I’ve asked this same question several times and never gotten any response or reply from the Ezlo devs about it.

Its a shame its not as easy as Vera Luup Requests and a single one line HTTP command can be used with no method payload needed.

For the record here is a Vera command example:

Much easier…

So if it needs POST to retrieve a device value from the HTTP API, I assume its not possible to have a simple one line HTTP command to return the data like you can with Vera Luup Requests ?

I’ve just worked out how to get it working in Postman application for testing however.

Create a new request

In the URL enter


Select “Headers”

Then add a new Key of “Content-Type”

And then add a new value of “application/json”

Click the drop down box next to URL and change it to POST


Now select “Body” then “Raw” and paste in your data

Data Example:

{"method": "hub.data.list", "id": "608801a4120bab172e9c4f66", "params": {"items":{"ids":["608801a4120bab172e9c4f67"],"fields":{"include":["valueFormatted"]}}}}

Click the “Send” button, in the Body you should then see your response. I was looking up the value of a temperature sensor.

Give your request a name and save it.