@Ezlo Any plans for Node-Red support for these new APIs?

Hi Ezlo team…

With the current Vera HTTP API / Luup Requests, we can use the MIOS-In node within Node-Red to monitor the state / status of our Vera devices within Node-Red.

This can be used for all sorts of things. I am currently using it for monitoring door contact sensors that are in Vera. Node-Red is then used upon these changing door contact sensor states, to send TTS announcements to Google Home speakers when the doors are opened / closed etc.

Here is the current MIOS node.

Can we expect to see something like this in the future in Node-Red for the Ezlo hubs / APIs ?

Or perhaps a third party developer will integrate the Ezlo platform in this manner with Node-Red, but I won’t be holding my breath for any or many 3rd party integrations with the new Ezlo platform in the short term.

As Node-Red integrates with many more things than Vera can control natively, Node-Red is becoming very useful in other areas. For example you can control eWeLink / Smart Life WIFI devices in Node-Red and have Vera virtual devices just send HTTP commands to Node-Red to control such devices.

It also works in reverse using the MIOS-Out node you can change variables on devices within Vera.



Any updates on this? Node-red integration is an absolute have to have for me. So Ezlo is off the table for me until there is a path to node-red (where 100% of my logic lives).

I have developed and released ezlo-hub-kit that would make it very straight-forward to develop some Ezlo Node-Red nodes. I’m hoping the developers of the Vera Node-Red nodes or some other developer will take this on as I don’t have the time to do so myself, hence why I packaged the kit into a convenient npm module for others. Any takers?