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Can anyone confirm whether the Control4/Vera integration will continue to work with the new Ezlo backend and firmware? This is the only reason I purchased a Vera and sincerely hope that is not going to break.

All current 3rd party integrations out there with Vera, will not work with the Ezlo platform, as they have new APIs.

Any such integrations will have to be written specifically for the Ezlo platform.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have a Vera Plus. Do you know how long roughly it will be until the integration breaks unless it is updated? Assume this is when the new firmware is flashed to the hub. Do you know when that will be? Does anyone know if anyone is working on an update to allow continued updates integration?

If you remain on Vera firmware then it will continue to work with the Control4 integration as is.

If you update your Vera Plus at some point with the new Ezlo firmware then it would break that integration.

Presumably it’s your choice to update to the Ezlo firmware or not.

So if you never switch the Vera Plus to use the Ezlo firmware then it won’t break your current integration with Control4.

Thank you I appreciate your help - so if I make sure automatic updates are off then they can’t push it and force the update. I appreciate when you say “presumably” it is my choice to update because they almost certainly will eventually kill the backend for the existing firmware and then the integration will die. But your approach would buy me more time hopefully…

My Vera has never auto updated its firmware, I’ve always had to press a button to start an update.

Currently only the Vera Edge can run the new Ezlo firmware and that is definitely a manual process to switch from the Vera firmware to the Ezlo firmware.

There hasn’t been any mention or discussions on the forums I have seen, about if and when Ezlo might start to try and push Ezlo firmware onto Vera hubs.

I dont think they will do that.

In the short term they are still releasing Vera firmware updates for Vera hubs. One day that will stop and Vera hubs will then be end of life, but they should still continue to work just no new updates.

I suspect it will always be a manual process to change a Vera hubs firmware to the new Ezlo firmware. It’s not something that will happen automatically without you knowing.

That will be many years down the line I think, if they kill the backend cloud infrastructure for the Vera firmware.

I dont know anything about the Control4 integration.

Does it access your Vera account via the username and password?

Or does it just connect locally directly to the Vera hubs LAN IP address?

If it connects locally then the integration may never die.

Thank you again I appreciate you responding so quickly on these posts tonight. You may be walking me off the edge then. The C4 integration is direct via telnet so as you said there’s a chance it will never die. I checked and I see my Vera hub configuration does require manual update not auto. I still worry something may depend on their infrastructure but at least maybe there’s more time with this solution for now. I just wish companies would continue to support features like this integration. This is the only reason I bought the hub thinking this would be reliable. Thank you again for your help.

I’ve completely removed my Vera from Mios’ cloud and it’s still working. So, even if they’ll phase out the servers (I doubt they will, because they’re still supporting old contracts with oems), the unit is perfectly capable of running offline (or local only). You’ll just miss Alexa/Google Home integration and remote backups, but other approaches are available to circumvent these issues.

I am in your same boat… the Vera is a huge part of my Control4 system as simply there are things that you can only get via ZWave. That said, and to add to what @therealdb mentioned, this thread may be of value to you. Essentially this decouples your Vera from their cloud infrastructure. Said another way, even if Vera and AWS fall off the map tomorrow, your Vera will continue to work. Just understand what you are giving up in the meantime if you decouple. My guess is not much if you use Control4 as your interface. I have a few Veras as backups should my active die and plan to test this script soon. While their dev said they will create Control4 drivers for Ezlo, I won’t believe it until they are real.

This is a must for me as well. I thought that Ezlo would support the earlier Vera Control4 integration. If this is not the case then I have a huge issue. I have over 80 zwave switches in my house and they are all controlled via Vera via Control4. This is my 3 Vera/Ezlo device and I wish I knew about this missing integration before I bought the Ezlo. At this point it isn’t of any use until there is Control4 integration. Please let me know when that will occur. Thanks and looking forward to using the new Ezlo hardware.

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