Ezio Controller and Vistacam 1200 doorbell

Just installed Vistacam 1200 doorbell. Install went fine, camera, bell and motion detector all work. Have scene set to trigger when motion occurs and get notification via email (would prefer a text). But I don’t see anything recorded. I do receive an email that event occurred. Have sent in question to support so hope to figure out soon. Any insight would be appreciated.

If using Ios you should have a “history” option in upper right corner you will see recordings there

Thanks, not familiar what los is?

IOS or Android should have “history” option, there you find stored recordings

I had the same issue last week where the system said it recorded video but nothing was there. Vera support had to update a server and then reset my controller. Have you submitted a customer issue help desk ticket. I have the VeraPlus controller.
Right now I am still having an issue getting my iPhone 8 to transmit audio to the doorbell so the visitor can hear me on my phone. The phone receives audio and video, but this is a fair amount of lag.

I do have a question open to support. I have installed an Ezio Plus last summer. I was a bit surprised at the lack of documentation with the Vistacam 1200. Beyond the very good install doc, I can’t find any doc for how to use the camera. I get a notification based on movement but that is all (no snapshot or video). In settings for the camera it says I have 14 gig of storage I have no idea if that is on the camera or on the controller. The install info mentions an SD slot on side of camera the only slot I see is on the bottom, I haven’t gotten a SD card yet so not sure if the slot is for a card. Just need a little help from support on basic functions.

ozz621k1, I agree with you about being surprised in the lack of documentation on the camera and setup information on parameters & variables. I am also a little disappointed in the feedback loop with the supplier. I get a response to about 1 out of four requests and then they don’t always answer all my questions.
In regard to the SD Card, look toward the top on the right side of the camera. You will see a small rubber plug that is covering the SD card inserted there. I have asked several times if the videos and photos are stored on the card or on their web server. I am starting to believe they are saved on their web server. I need to pull one of the SD cards and see if anything is saved on them. I have installed two (2) cameras. The video quality is really good.
There was a Vera mobile app update that caused my cameras to stop responding and on to start sending alerts every 30 seconds. I totally uninstalled both cameras, relocated my router/wifi unit to provided better connection, did a clean install, starting from ground zero. Things are back up and running. After Vera/Ezlo (as mentioned in previous response) updated one of their servers and reset my controller the cameras were detecting motion and storing videos and photos I could download and view them. Download and viewing is slow. I noticed after doing clean install the two-way communication worked for about 5 minutes, the showed camera was off-line, but was still showing live video feed to my iPhone 8Plus.
Where are you located?

Thanks for your feedback, I am making progress. I have had quite a bit of dialog with support on my open case. All functions seem to be working but I get different results between my iphone8 and my iPad gen 8. They are both running the same version of the Vera app but I don’t see the recordings on my iPad (the calendar and current video clips do not appear on the screen). I have cycled the Ezio Plus and reloaded iPad app with no change. Support suggest it could be corrupted data on iPad, not sure how to get rid of that.

Camera itself is working great, very clear view and sound is good). I just think the app needs some work, I have provided all the info I can, progress the app just needs to mature.

FYI, I live in Michigan, been using Vera since 2012, again thanks for your insight.

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Update on Ezio Plus and Vistacam doorbell. All functions are now working on my iPhone (8 & 11) and iPads gen (8 & 9. All devices running latest version of iOS and Vera app. Note, to get calendar and video icons on iPads you need the iPad in portrait. Thanks to Julio at Vera support for working through this installation.

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