External login / access by app

I spent about an hour searching for the information but couldn’t find details on the API for an app or program to access vera from outside the local network. It seems the method/proxy has changed for UI7 devices and most of what I was finding was for older devices. Can someone point me to the developer documentation for UI7? (not plugin development but 3rd party app development. I have several apps on the Apple store and might consider creating a simple interface for connecting to a vera.)

Not sure how you are trying to do it. MIOS has a “mirror server” called RA (Remote Access) which mirrors all the status of your vera on their servers. When outside of you network, logging in through the getvera.com website actually has you login to that server. The server is connected to your Vera unit through an SSH tunnel and the unit Luup API.
You can therefore either use the mios server as your proxy or… you could use NGINX proxy and do a port forward.