External gate lock

After 6 months of looking for options on how to remotely control the gate lock at the side of my house I have bought the Cisa Elettrika lock and am very impressed. Its a beast of a lock at 3kg and very secure. It takes 12vac to open it, although there are modules to also take dc as an input which I supply from my alarm panel, but a zwave relay would work as well.

It can be unlocked and left on catch until someone pushes it open, then locks when closed, or left with power to be open all day for instance. Only downside is that when power removed if its not then opened and closed, it doesnt lock, just stays held closed on a catch.

I got mine from the auction site where Italian (its Italian made) suppliers sell it at half the price of UK suppliers.

It sounds like the lock is set to fail-safe instead of fail-secure. You may be able to find a setting to change that.

Thanks. It’s not like a standard electronic strike or mag lock, more like a car door lock. I think it needs the mechanical action to reengage the lock once the locking mechanism is released

I have a Diax lock on my side gate. It requires power and an unlock signal, so I use a Fibaro dual switch module to handle the operation. To lock, just apply power. To unlock, apply power and the unlock signal.

I didn’t realise that sort of lock worked externally. I don’t think it will be an issue and as it can force the gate to swing open when it unlocks, I can have a closer push it shut and lock it if someone doesn’t catch it.