Extending the range - steps to try?

Just purchased a VeraLite and have setup. I have a range issue however with one power switch (Z-Wave Plug-In Switch Controller) in the backyard unfortunately. I note my VeraLite is currently in an upstairs bedroom cupboard on a room at the front size (not back side) of the house. Based on my reading various threads would this be the appropriate approach to resolve the range issue, the order I’m thinking of being:

[ul][li]Step 1: Put an intermediate node(s) in-between the VeraLite & the backyard power, say in the lower floor bedroom facing backyard. I read in one post Z-wave could do 4 hops.[/li]

[li]Step 2: Move the VeraLite to a room closer to the backyard (requires some additional network cabling in ceiling)[/li]

[li]Step 3: Try the DIY “add antenna” to the Vera Lite based on previous experience in the forum.[/li]

[li]Step 4: Find an extender product. [/li][/ul]

Questions I have are:

Q1 - Are the steps above ok? (just checking my understanding)

Q2 - Re adding another node, are any of the z-node devices equal in terms of acting as a good “intermediate” node point (re signal strength I guess)? (I’d be ordering in Australia from http://www.smartliving.com.au/home-automation.html?manufacturer=125 no doubt)

Q3 - Would a dedicated range extender work better than a power switch just from the point of view of extending max range? Options I had in mind were either this switch or the following range extender: