Extending Power Signal for Light Switch

I installed a GE 45609 light switch to control my extractor fan in our master bathroom. Eventually I want to hook up a humidity sensor to have the fan automatically turn on, but currently all it is doing is turning the fan off after fifteen minutes once it has been pressed (wife and I have a hard time remembering, and I hate hearing the buzzing of the fan throughout the house). While the power-off signal seems to be working great, I’m unable to turn the switch on from my Vera 3. I found the reason is that the power-on signal (sorry, I’m not very knowledgeable about exact terms) isn’t long enough for the fan to start. I have the same issue when turning it on manually. If I just tap it, like I do for my lights, I hear the click of the switch trying to turn on, but nothing happens. If I hold the switch down for about ~1.5 seconds, it turns on fine. Is there a variable in the device settings that I could adjust so that when I turn it on through the Vera, it acts as if I hold the button down for a little bit longer? In reality I don’t need to be able remotely control the fan in my bathroom, but I’d like to if it’s possible. Thanks for the help, let me know if I need to explain it a bit more.

This sounds like a bad switch. If you hear the switch’s relay click and the fan fails to turn on, then the switch is probably not working. I can’t explain why it would work by holding the button down for a longer time.

There is no configurable option or “adjustment”. Vera sends an On command and the switch responds with an Ok upon successful completion. You will see an error in the Vera UI if the switch fails to respond with the Ok. If the switch turns on and the fan doesn’t start, you have a bad switch or you haven’t wired it correctly.