Experience with Kocaso tablets

Looking at picking up some cheap android tablets to use ONLY for my HA setup… much cheaper then some of the Scene controllers I’ve been looking at :-).

Any experience with the Kocaso tablets (around $75 on buy.com), or a recommendation for something similar?

I have a Kocaso tablet but I am new to this, just got my controller and front door lock hooked up today, I am using AutHomation on the tablet and it seems to work fine. I also have the iphone 4s and Vera Mobile is working finr there. You shouldnt pay more than $60 for it, I got mine on nomoreracks.com but see them all the time on ebay in the daily deals section. Mine is running 4.2 android. Good Luck… Ed

mind if I ask what the resolution of your tablets are? I just got mine… and while they are running android 4.0, the resolution is 800x600, and i’m guessing that’s whey it says it’s incompatible when I try to download certain apps.

I’ve tried several “NoName” tablets and I ended up with some refurbished Lenovo A1000.

The nonames are inexpensive but they are inconsistent and unreliable. I bought three of eBay for $60.00 each. One of them had a WiFi that refused to connect to a 801-11G access point in the house; one of them would not keep running, it would shut itself off after about an hour; and the third was seeming OK but would not take/hold a battery charge.

This was the second experiment with nonames. The first ended very quickly when I tried to install Authomation and found the tablets didn’t support Google Playstore, only the Amazon store. And if you don’t have Google Play on the ROM you cannot download it so you are S.O.L.

For $25 more each I got the Lenovos and they work right out of the box.