Executing Android Macro's from Dashboard


Using ImpreriHome in Dashboard mode on some wallmounted Nexus 7’s for some time. Works great.

However it would be great it was also possible to not just add ‘Android Apps’ to the Dashboard but also Android Macros like they are generated by Macronos or Tasker. This allows me to execute these directly from the dashboard without leaving the dashboard.

Secondly it would be great if there would be more flexibility around creating dashboard layouts more like HomeWave does.

Some extra icons (like home, not at home, night, etc) would also be nice although I know they can be added manually.

Thanks for the great work


Thanks for the suggestion !

We have tasker integration in our TODO list, in both ways (tasker => imperihome, imperihome => tasker). Can’t tell for now when we will be able to implement this.

About dashboard layouts, we may get to full flexibility but it’ll take time. However, what we can do very quickly is adding new layouts to those that already exist ==> if you have any layout in mind that could be relevant, do not hesitate to ask us, describing it or giving a little sketch :slight_smile:


ImperiHome Team