Exclusion of Yale lock without Vera

I have 2 Vera systems in 2 different buildings. I originally installed a Yale touchscreen lock in Building A and included it to Vera A. However, I moved that lock to Building B without excluding it from Vera A. Now I’m trying to include it with Vera B, but the only option from the menu on the lock is to exclude. However, the buildings are 180 miles apart, so the exclude is failing. Can I get this lock included on Vera B without bringing it back to Vera A to exclude it? I tried a master reset, but that did not work. Thanks.

Add devices as normal when prompted to activate device select the “I’m activating it but nothing’s happening” button then activate the lock and it will be reset then proceed to add lock as normal



Also, excluding a device can be done from any primary controller. So you could try an exclude on Vera B, then an include. (And use the trash can on Vera A, to remove the lock from Vera A.)

Thank you both. It was oTi’s post that solved my problem.