Exclude ZRF-113

Ok, I must be stupid… Anyone know how to EXCLUDE an Evolve (ZRF-113) relay? I have tried hihg power low power etc… and cannot get to exclude so I can re-add it to my newly rebuilt network…

To remove a node: Tap the button 3 times, then press and hold (Ex. tap, tap, tap, hold)

Here is the LFM-20 User Manual


:frowning: THanks, I did have the manual, and tried the tap, tap, tap, hold… I am clearly doing something wrong. I have included and excluded Leviton, Intermatic and GE stuff no problems using high and low power etc… I have tried now with two different Evolve 20 amp relays (prior ZRF-113) to exclude so I can re-include them in my newly re-created network. I tap the button 3 times then hold until it excludes (I have done that for 60 seconds and no joy), I have tap 3 times and hold for 10 seconds… Starting with it on and when it is off… I am certain I am doing something dumb… just can’t figure it out. What am I missing here? ???


Just tried it: I think the key here is speed. Say tap-tap-tap within a second or so, then hold until excluded, which is maybe another second or two.


Thanks as always… I will try it tonight… Does it matter if I am in high/low power? Next to the unit or in the same room?

This was on the bench, in the shed, outside of direct radio reach from Vera’s normal location in the utility room. So she was in the shed, temporarily. Maybe 6 feet from the relay. I don’t think high/low power matters in that case, or the initial state (on/off) of the relay.

The exclusion does seem tricky, so besides speed, some persistence may be required as well. :slight_smile: