Ewelink IFTTT

As of today Ewelink no longer offer IFTTT to free accounts.
Thank god for node-red and now VOI

The cloud is changing /maturing

Oh really ? That’s not so good.

I want to be able to run a scene or setup a virtual switch device on my production Vera Plus with Vera FW that in turn runs a scene on the Ezlo Atom to issue a voice command via VOI to Google Home to in turn control an eWeLink device LOL.

Ezlo are dragging their heals about a simple Luup Requests replacement for the Ezlo platform see here. They are now talking about web sockets and user authentication and tokens blah blah.

They should keep it simple for us stupid people.

I have no idea how to send a simple one line HTTP command to the Ezlo Atom to run a scene or to turn on / off a Z-Wave device or to set a devices particular variable value.