Evolve LRM-AS control

I have 2 Evolve LRM-AS dimmer switches, can i use them to replace 2 regular 3way dimmers or do i need to order a LTM to use with one of the LRM’s, leaving me with one LRM left over.

You can only use one LRM-AS in a circuit. So, if you have a 3-way circuit with a light and two switches, you would have to use one LRM-AS and one LTM-5.

You can use the second LRM-AS for another light circuit. There’s no need for it to be “wasted”.

Thanks, so in a 4 way situation where i have 2 existing 3 ways and 1 4way controlling one light, would i need to replace them with 1 lrm with 2 ltms or would i use 2 lrms and 1 ltm

Your 4-way circuit would use one LRM-AS and two LTM-5.

So does the LTM have any wire connections?

The LTM-5 is a Z-Wave controller. The LTM-5 requires power, so it needs a ground, neutral, and line. The LTM-5 controls the LRM-AS and other Z-Wave devices wirelessly over the Z-Wave network. The LTM-5 is not wired directly to the LRM-AS and does not directly control a load.