Evolve LFM-20 and Garage Door

I got a Evolve LFM-20 that I want to use with my garage door. I went ahead and hooked it to power and paired with my vera3; however, I have not hooked to the garage door opener yet.

I notice that it can stay either on or off. Before I hook it to the door I figured I would check how this works. I though that if I press it on, it would open the door and then turn off, but it looks like it stays in the on position until I turn it off and I do not know if that is good or bad for the door opener.

I appreciate any comments on those that have used this.

I did read that someone used a similar device and created a scene that turns on and then off after 3 seconds. I wonder if I have to do that.

thanks for the help.


turning it “ON” will close the contacts and keep a voltage applied to the switch. Turning it “OFF” will open the circuit. So, you need a pulse of “ON” to send the garage door up, and then a pulse of ON to lower the door.

Look at the Garage Door app in the MiOS marketplace, it will do what you want. You will need a contact sensor to detect if the door is closed or open.

thanks. I see two there. One is Garage Door and the other is MIMOlite Garage Door Contoller.

Is one better than the other or is the Grage Door the one I should use?

thanks again.


Use Garage Door. Richard’s Garage Door app works perfectly.

The MimoLite is designed to be used with the Mimo Device, but I am sure you may be able to get it to work.

Plus, Richar supports his stuff nicely!

Thanks again. I got it working at my desk. I hear the click in the LFM every time I hit lock or unlock. I do have a sensor, but that is sitting on my desk too.

thanks again.


garage doors are fun. It’s nice to be in bed at night, get an alert that you left it open, and be able to close them, too.

I got it all working.

One question on the LFM-20. It says you can hook it to a 20amp load max. What voltage is acutally outputted out on the blue wires? I just spliced them into the wire that goes from the button on the wall to open the door.



If I remember from the one I have, there is no voltage on the blu wires, It is just a relay switch

building on RogerO’s comments, this device can switch loads up to 20Amps, which when you think of it you can switch pretty much anything on a 120VAC circuit.

Your application is 12v, so you have a lot of headroom.